flavors friday, version ii

It’s incredible that I’m still up tonight, and I have to be up before the sun
rises. The stress and strain of the week keeps me up, but the music is keeping
me happy.

Introducing Flavors Friday, Version II

01 – Only Child – You Bring Me Vibes (Featuring Amp Fiddler)
02 – Amp Fiddler – Dreamin’
03 – Amp Fiddler – Superficial
04 – Amp Fiddler – Unconditional Eyes
05 – Amp Fiddler – Soul Divine
06 – Tortured Soul – Why
07 – Clara Hill – Silent Distance
08 – Beady Belle – Hindsight
09 – Reel People – Runaway
10 – Rahsaan Patterson – Don’t Run So Fast
11 – Adriana Evans – Moonlight in Bahia
12 – Lewis Taylor – Positively Beautiful
13 – Lewis Taylor – Won’t Fade Away
14 – Beady Belle – Pantile

I’ve spoken a little about Amp Fiddler, so he’s included here. The concert last
weekend was great- hotness coming soon.

I’ve also spoken about Lewis Taylor and Beady Belle as well…oh, just go check
them out.

Special shoutout to Ariya
happy birthday, and many more!

On the radar this weekend: Amp Fiddler, reintroduction of exponent, and some more sleep!

5 comments on “flavors friday, version ii

  1. The New Sweetback CD is FINALLY Being Released

    It’s been far too long (8 years) since Sweetback’s last release. Their new CD, which was supposed to be released a couple of months ago, is set for a June 22 release. You can preview the songs at their website….

  2. smiles

    Thanks EJ for the birthday shout out. Again nice tunage. And to my special sweetie, Kane, who I know reads this daily, thanks for the birthday wishes. As for me, I’m going to enjoy tonight – however it turns out….

  3. Blogcritics says:

    Adriana Evans… Call it a Comeback

    This morning I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one of my favorite singers, Adriana Evans (a.k.a. Adriana Madera) ,…

  4. Donald says:

    Where is the dub? Amel? Maxwell?

  5. Ariya says:

    Thanks for the birthday shout out, EJ. And I’ve got some new artists to check out now! Adriana Evans, Clara Hill, Amp Fiddler and Beady Belle. I had heard of Evans, I hadn’t heard of Beady Belle or Clara Hill. But I looked up their record label – Sonar Kollectiv this morning – which is located in Europe. It seems like a really nice one too. You probably already know that’s Jazzanova’s home record label already. Jazzanova’s another cool act. Anyway, thanks again!

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