exponentially speaking

If you’re hangin’ out at the house and it’s too hot outside, cool down and check
out the new exponent
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I’m sure you were wondering what the heck was going on with the
old exponent
. Well, me too. I’ve been doing a little revamping lately. First
thing’s first. I decided after all of the MovableType
3.0 drama, I felt it would be more beneficial to move exponent from Typepad
to a subdomain of yours truly. That way, I could centralize weblogs to one location
and also take advantage of payment and licensing issues (although now, the situation
seems to have relaxed with Sixapart and people seem to be happier, but I digress). This also means that I can continue my donations in one central location as well.

Moving exponent around was no easy task. After exporting out
of Typepad, I had to import into
MT, which doesn’t work with MT 3.0. The solution? To import into MT 2.6, and then
upgrade to 3.0, which worked like a charm. I would have patiently waited until
redesign was finished, but the Amp
concert along with Music
of the Millenium
put an abrupt stop to taking a blog vacation.

With the help of Anzi,
and his
MT 3.0 excellence
, the revamp- which I’m sure would have taken at least a
day- took less than an hour to be done. I’m proud of him. Major daps.

That along with the temporary blog
of Nova and Sunray,
it’s been that kinda weekend. Then again, those aren’t the only things happening.
S-Train and Tyrone are doin’
their thing
, and there’s J. Brotherlove, still
on hiatus
also. Good things come to those that wait, they say.

Remember, things here on exponent will change without notice.
Tell your friends, tell your enemies. I’m back.

7 comments on “exponentially speaking

  1. Enigma says:

    what about my acquaintances? can i tell them too?
    why do your comments discriminate against me? is it because i don’t have a typekey login? thats cruel man

  2. girlwonder says:

    i’ma need more than one post to prove this alleged “comeback” – i’m gonna prolly need 7 straight days before i’m fully convinced. kthanx.

  3. girlwonder says:

    additionally….FUCK typekey. as part of the Blog Deficiency Correctional Facility – i DEMAND to have my comments posted at will. thanks.

  4. gwen says:

    it’s summer, people need to be outside instead of on the computer anyway, but psst. wordpress. i tried it today, it is *nice*.

  5. i plan to upgrade my ishhh tonight. wish a doll luck.

  6. Queen Sexy says:

    The hiatus is over. novaslim.com is once again in full effect.

  7. julia says:

    why dont you test out wordpress? it’s awesome … the php commands for everything make things so much easier!

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