dc 2004: the snapshot view

I’m sure I could talk about what a great time I had in DC all weekend, so instead
of doing that, I’ll redirect you to the following posts to begin with, as your
prerequisite reading material:

1. Donald has a rentparty
going on. It’s essential that you attend.
2. Prime gives a description
of the weekend.
3. Lise lights
the joint.
4. Queen Sexy carries
5. Steven Fullwood
gave lots of energy.
6. Nova gives us major

Now that you’ve gotten that out the way, it’s time for a photogenic rundown
of the Hot Ones.

Thursday Evening:

This is where Novaslim says he's all that and a bag of chips. Sometimes salty chips, but most of the time full of flavor.

(This is where Novaslim says he’s all that and a bag of chips. Sometimes salty chips, but most of the time full of flavor.)

Our attempt to go to Pizzeria Uno was met with disaster, as the place had been
closed for many months. No matter. Prime and Nova
(above) had lively conversation, and soon thereafter, Nova,
Prime, Rocka
(not shown by reason of shyness), Ray
(ditto) and I partook in Mexican food with watermelon margaritas and chatted
the evening away, although I’m sure I got a little tipsy.


King and Queen Sexy.
Queen Sexy in all her glory. When blogging is only 1% of the story
Sunray smiles!
(King and Queen Sexy. Queen Sexy in all her glory, where blogging is only 1% of the story.)

A meetup with the effervescent Kia Sunray, now formally known
as Queen Sexy, was absolutely splendid. With Mykel
hosting the event we had a great time. And yes, I won lots of
lube. I’m that kinda guy.


Keith, as usual, at mnost of the events during the weekend.
Do you know how difficult it is to corral him for a glimpse of his presence?

(Keith, as usual, at most of the events during the weekend, with myself and Prime; pictured in singular glory is Sweevie Tullwood).

Spending time in the gym and the hotel room was a whole lot of ‘me’ time so
after all that was done, I hung out in the host hotel downstairs. I also got
a chance to chat with Keith
, and eat with Sweevie Tullwood.


The Black Pride event at the Convention Center took place.

Just say Boo.

Surprising my old friend Belasco was my first duty.

Shown here are Chris and Nova.
Shown here are Chris, Nova, and Steve,

My second? Why Christopher
, SDotPorter and company.

AKA Prime Bear and Sun Ray.
Prime, Kia, and Nova. Also known as Tony Orlando and Dawn.
(Shown are Chris, Nova and Steve on the first clip; Prime, Keith, and Nova on the second clip; Prime, Kia, and Nova. Also known as Tony Orlando and Dawn.)

And of course, who shows up third? Sunray!!

AKA Prime Bear and Lise. Terrorizing y'all's neighborhoods.
And they don't stop.
Prime, Kia, and Lise- again.

And then it happened. The one and only Lise
showed up and graced us with her flow.

Anfanee rocks the joint.
Starsky and Hutch.
Chris talking with Raven while Nova contemplates pole dancing.

(Shown are Anfanee, rocking the joint; Nova contemplates pole dancing, while Christopher talks to Raven over the cellie).

After the convention center, Anfanee swung by. It was all about the cool people talking about
degrees of blog separation. It seems that a lot of cross-referencing had been
done. As said best by Lise, blogging is the inner workings
of one’s mind which is already presented before you get to meet the person.

Writers personified at the  Convention Center.
Tim'm West with partner.  Red Dirt Revival.

And of course, the writers group at the Convention Center and Timm and partner. Red Dirt Revival. Don’t have it? Go get it.

Missing in action: Terrance,
and had I known where these
two were, I would have tried to
reach out to them, but there’s always a next time.

11 comments on “dc 2004: the snapshot view

  1. nOva says:

    I demand you take down that pic of me and Chris where I look all hellified.

  2. My Virtual Rent Party

    http://www.rentparty.org Help me out and shake your booty while you’re at it … :)…

  3. grayse says:

    Its about dern time you put up some pics!!!! YAY!!! 🙂 And once again- I’m jealous I wasnt there. *wiping away drool from staring at Anfanee*

  4. One of these years, I will have to make it to DC. Will you be telling us the names of all the writers shown in the photo and their currents works? That would be very cool.

  5. girlwonder says:

    awww – it looks like you guys had a good-ass time. i actually only live about 5 minutes from the DevilCity, but my ass was probably at work while you guys were living it up 🙂

  6. Lise says:

    lmao @ nova…. hellified indeed.
    i am sitting here cracking up at the photo lowdown. i just wish there were better pics of me *sigh*. but it was a great time, i stole all your pics so i could relive our wonderful time over and over.
    as i said, before, we have to do that again. and the melding of the minds of bloggers… man that is awesome. it is seamless, we converse like we have known each other for years. ’tis a beautiful thing.

  7. Don’t do it, Eric. That pic of nOva is she-larious!

  8. Finally, someone remembers my name!

  9. Queen Sexy says:

    Man this weekend was so much fun! We’ve got to do that again.

  10. Deb says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time in DC. 🙂

  11. Shindig Memo, Sore Muscles, Seeding MT 3

    Rentparty still in full effect. Redesign? None in sight yet. Peoples wuz robbed, I’ll make that case. Elevating friends to a higher place.

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