all about Amp

*Photos by the effervescent, everloving Matt Lambert present
at the Apache Cafe,

I’d like to think of myself as one of those people who are more laid back, who
absorb the music, and envelop all the love. Calling me a dancer would be a misnomer
for the most part. That is, until someone kicks the beats to me and makes me
move and groove. When the grooves are funkier than normal, it’s impossible for
me to absorb them all. And so, for that reason, I gotta dance.

Take Joseph ‘Amp’ Fiddler.
If I attempted to elaborate on the long list of his
, it might as well be a couple of chapters of a book, if
not a short encyclopedia. Think of Prince, the Brand
New Heavies
, Ramsey Lewis, George Clinton,
the P-Funk All-Stars, the Dramatics, Primal
, Was (Not Was), Giles Peterson,
Maxwell, and Too Short in the same sentence,
and that gives you a good idea on what this man has done. He lit up the Apache
on a Saturday night. The funk was in the air, and with the heat and
humidity, the last thing I wanted to do was sweat.

I’m really glad I did, though.

His CD Waltz
of a Ghetto Fly
is the representation of his abilty to touch the masses.
Live versions of his songs kick it up a notch by not only providing most of
the songs on his CD, but also some interpretations added to his reportoire (mixing
up Dreamin’ with I’m Still In Love by Sean Paul is merely one

With a man with this musical resume, it’s hard to imagine him having a short
concert. He did not dissapoint, giving us a performance that had us standing,
clapping, and singing along with him for more than two hours. This included
having Paul Randolph (above left), playing his bass across
his shoulders in Superficial, or Patrice and Stephanie
(above right) having numerous solos between themselves (particularly in the
cuts Unconditional Eyes and Possibilities, which
was not only a great display of the perfomers’ instrumental techniques, but also vocally superb), in as well as giving us their freestyle
vocals – giving me a vibe that would be hard to shake – that is, if you felt
like you needed to shake it.

The following tracks from his CD Waltz of a Ghetto Fly along
with one from Only
are present on the ‘musical melodies’ on the right:

You Give Good Vibes (with Only Child)
Unconditional Eyes
Soul Divine

He’s got the power. He’s got the charisma. Check him out.

Cross-references and notes not on exponent:
1. Also present and groovin’ on the side was Darryl aka D-Nice
of Moods Music, who provides
me with the music I need to funkify myself. He also made sure that I realized
that I slept so hard on Solitiaire by Only Child,
and I almost lost my coolness trophy for a second there. Major daps.
2. Please don’t sleep on Stephanie
. She’s got the voice.
3. Listing of songs in order in concert:
Waltz of a Ghetto Fly, Vibrations, Love & War. Eye to Eye, Superficial,
Dreamin’ (cross-referenced with ‘I’m Still In Love’ – Sean Paul), Soul Divine,
You Played Me, I Believe In You, Possibilities, If You Can’t Get Me Off Your
Mind, You Give Good Vibes, Unconditional Eyes
4. Pretty good interview about him here.
I’m also trying to pick this
up, since he’s been doing music for more than a little while.

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  1. Enigma says:

    i’m glad u turned me on to him. you know i love the cd and my song, superficial. i just sing it to people and they think i’m just singin on gp. good lookin out. as usual.

  2. James says:

    Great review on a fun concert. I may need to give Ms. McKay a closer listen.

  3. grayse says:

    Hey! I was gonna go to Apache this past Sunday. I like the atmosphere. I was way too sick to do much of anything these past couple days 🙁

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