yellow alert

If you, perchance, should happen to see something wrong with EJ’s blogland, do not fear. I’m currently on the Beta team for the new version of Movable Type. It allows me to be able to kick things back and forth and shake up the masses. Since I’ve already shaken it twice and managed to fix it just as quickly, if things seem to linger don’t hesitate to give me a shout out. (Blogliners, don’t mind me. I’m sure all of these massive alerts will cease after I’m done screwing around with testing the beta).
Additional note: If it asks you to sign in, there seems to be a commenting glitch where even after you’ve signed in, it constantly tells you that you haven’t signed in. While I don’t know what that’s all about, I do know that if you close the commenting window and then reopen it, it acknowledges that you have logged in. I am documenting this bug now.
Anything else you see?

15 comments on “yellow alert

  1. nOva says:

    Tell them we want “comment approval” and not “comment registration”. KTHNX!!!

  2. James says:

    I hope to selected as well to be a tester.

  3. prime says:

    This thing betta let me leave a comment.

  4. thad says:

    *taps screen*
    Is this thing on?

  5. thad says:

    *taps screen*
    Is this thing on?

  6. Queen Sexy says:

    The only thing I see wrong with EJ’s blogland is the lack of a TMI meme. hmph.

  7. Prime says:

    nOva ~ you actually have a choice of either comment approval or comment registration from what EJ has shown me.

  8. EJ Flavors says:

    This is when comments work, and when they don’t, it’s a mess.

  9. EJ Flavors says:

    commenting is for the cool people.

  10. lizard says:

    omg we can upgrade in public now? eeeeep, i’ve been lagging on my beta-ing.
    when i gave it my whatchamacallit login id thang, it brought up the whole entry in this comment screen & insisted i was not logged in, though when i closed it & popped it back up, it admitted i was, indeed, logged in.
    also, i’m going to be a grandmother.
    okay, i’m off to go upgrade myself right out in public.

  11. lizard says:

    it would like you to define a comment pending template? is what it said to me.
    hmm. this is kinda scary. i’ve been messing with version three since the alpha, and it’s done nothing but scare the bejeepers outta me.

  12. EJ Flavors says:

    I still haven’t gotten the hang of the commenting thing, Liz. It’s a killin’ me. I’m sure that I’ll have to come up with a template for the one that’s missing. It’s not quite as easy as I thought it would be. The auto-dirification is good too, but since it’s something I already do, I’m probably beating a dead horse. I think I need a drink.

  13. Donald says:

    Isn’t it lovely? No more interlopers!

  14. gwen says:

    Oh, *now* it says I’m signed in (I went to the index and clicked the comments link that gives the popup, I was trying to comment from the individual archive when I emailed). Was having this same problem on hiphopmusic, too. Maybe it’s me.

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