peter cottontail was here.

Easter. It’s a fine force to be reckoned with, and with traffic, rain, people cooking, and my eating, I’ve done nothing but hang around all day and be proclaimed The Food Bunny by the Flavors. So in between all the chicken bones and coconut cake, I managed to:
1. Listen to Cee-Lo and become strangely enamored by it;
2. Listened to lots of music, keeping myself awake when I really should be asleep: Zero 7 (I feel a review coming on), Knoc-Turnal (still reviewing), and Carl Thomas, Usher (sorry, I’m not feeling it- I need to absorb it more, but coming along the heels of Janet, I’m not impressed);
3. Managed to generate yet another Monday Melodies to start out the week;
4. Try to reconcile the fact that Kwame may not win The Apprentice. Damn that Omarosa. Does anyone have any plaster I can drop on her head;
5. Prepare myself for Dining Out For Life (thanks, Enigma).
And then of all things, I did another meme because of it. Thanks, Karsh. Hopefully, no-one will drop plaster on his head. This time, it was pretty accurate for me, I had to admit:

From The Apprentice:

I am like Troy. — “PHD, MBA, BA, to me it’s all BS. Street smarts are where it’s at.”

Troy was Versacorp’s Project Manager for the Lemonade Challenge, and Protégé’s Project Manager for the Real Estate Challenge.

Which Apprentice are You?
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How was your Easter?

9 comments on “peter cottontail was here.

  1. Rogue says:

    Mine was pretty good 🙂 Lots of food, music, family and friends. I am glad you seem to have enjoyed yours!

  2. Deb says:

    Poor Karsh. 😉 Happy Easter, Ej. Mine was okay.

  3. Rocka says:

    Actually, I think Omarosa may be good for Kwame team, if he can overcome Omarosa sabotage, then the game is as good as his….

  4. RenSistah says:

    I am holding out that Kwame with win
    Hey take a read in this direction!!!

  5. PatCH says:

    Omarosa, Omarosa, Omarosa. Why must you be so terribly conniving on national tv? Kwame, on the other hand. Ooh, now *there’s* a hottie…

  6. lashundra says:

    it said i’m more like jessie conners.
    i heard that kwame will win that’s what a local radio station said a few weeks ago they said trina was out at a bar and she finally spilled the beans, so i shall see.

  7. Michael says:

    I need to check out the new Zero 7 too. I’ve heard good things about it. I’m also not really feeling Usher’s new joint. As for Kwame & Omarosa, I have a feeling that what she did was scripted by the producers. I think they want to see how Kwame will handle such a situation. Hopefully he semds her packing!

  8. Enigma says:

    wow plaster on the head. that’s straight out of loving 15 years ago. lol
    and you’re more than welcome. i’m taking the apprentice quiz.. “what color is my hat?” wtf?
    I KNEW IT! i could tell by the choices. I’m Kwame. Iont even really like Kwame’s style. He’s to wishy washy and doesn’t seem to have the smarts he claims to have. If he had, he wouldn’t have chosen Omarosa, eventhough he would have gotten stuck with her anyway. I’d be much better than him.

  9. Enigma says:

    I just read the comments. Michael has an interesting theory. That’s interesting and makes sense. Considering Kwame’s bg in business, the only thing they need to see is how he behaves under stress and things beyond his control.

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