mondays, version 2.0

[ Update: Monday Music works below, and can always be located under musical moonrays on the right. My bad. As for the mixup of tracks, it’s not my doing. It’s evil incarnate. ]

A couple of musings that should have posted this weekend, but as usual I got caught up in music, concerts, and all-around web-surfing.
I’ll be posting the second set of answers to the meme from last Monday on Wednesday. Last call for free-for-all.
I got a Big Rocka Blog Award. Whodathunkit? Big ups to Rocka.
Danyel Smith is now a guest blogger on Anil’s site. With George also interviewing her, and now a VBT in full effect, I am now desperately needing another clone to just read. Me myself? I’m wrapped up in music right now.
Last weekend, I was able to go see Laurnea perform, even though I missed a portion of the concert by being lazy/late. She was phenomenal and I managed to get her autograph, even though I am officially known to her as DJ. EJ the DJ? Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Um, on second thought…
This past weekend, I was able to go back to the joint and see Omar and Julie Dexter perform, after seeing her perform with Loose Ends several years ago. Julie opened the night well – as a matter of fact, so much so that it made me listen to her CDs again. The problem? She only had 20 minutes to perform, leading the way for Omar.
Omar rocked the joint as usual, and rocked us well. From what I’m understanding, his second show that night was much longer than the first show. At least he called me EJ.
Then I went out and bought lots of CDs. Hence the new Monday Music is in full force. Tracklistings are below:

01. If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life – Prince. From the new CD, Musicology.
02. Omar and Carleen Anderson – Who Chooses The Seasons – I’m a big fan of both. Definitely something to expect from them.
03. Beady Belle – Shadow – Check the bass. Nuff said.
04. Dilated Peoples – Neighborhood Watch – Pretty good CD. Still absorbing.
05. Omar – Something Real. He rocked us with this one. This is off his latest CD which was just recently released.
06. Gabrielle – Forget About The World. I had her Greatest Hits and pulled it out, and this song grabbed me.
07. Jazzhole – Ndolo – A nice Jazzhole track not spoken in English (Duala). I could mimic this and almost sound like her. (Yeah, right).
08. Omar – Saturday – Perfect assessment of my Saturday.
09. Kill Bill II – Goodnight Moon – Miss Kiddo was playing this in her car.
10. Agent K And Carleen Anderson – Ride Away Getaway – Agent K puts his spin on Carleen’s vocals.
11. Omar – Say Nothing (Original Version) – The remixed version has ODB in it. I thought about putting that on. Interested, let me know.
12. Towa Tei – Luv Connection. From Deeelite. He has production capabilities not used enough during the group’s tenure.
13. Omar – Never Too Late (Long Version)
14. Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine – Omar sung this during the concert. Fantastic.
15. Fertile Ground – Let The Wind Blow – I’m still absorbing them. One cat from the Omar concert who kept me company said that it was his favorite CD this particular moment. I felt him.
16. Prince – Illusion, Coma, Pimp and Circumstance – the name says it all.
17. Karen Ramirez – New Reality – I’m a relatively new guy when it comes to Drum & Bass. I’ve had Karen for a long time, and this is one of her cuts that’s a foray into it.
18. Julie Dexter – Ketch A Vibe – She was awesome live. Made me appreciate her stuff more. Wish there was a live version of this.
19. Buscemi – The Salon Section – I had this, didn’t listen to it much. The owner admonished me for not listening to it more.
20. Clara Hill – For Your Love – Just picked up her CD because the owner said I would love it. He was right.

8 comments on “mondays, version 2.0

  1. ray says:

    longtimenosee, I love your selection of music. And I have a few of Fertile Ground CDs and have seen them multiple times (matter fact, I believe the lead singer is from my area BIG UP BMORE!!!). You have to check out their earlier work, one word, AWESOME. And why am I the only person to not see the Kill Bill volume 2 soundtrack? So please tell me what you think about musicology.
    Us Po College Folk cant afford to buy cds all the time. 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks baby for keeping the music flowing.

  3. Lisa says:

    Only 20 minutes for Julie? What a ripoff!

  4. Paul says:

    EJ, great job on the new Mondays mix. I really dig that new Prince song, and all the Omar tracks. When I figure out how to get RadioBlog up and running on my blog, I’ll have some tunes to offer in return.

  5. grayse says:

    Oooh good choices!
    EJ the DJ… lol.. just so you can break some turntables and stuff too?? 😉

  6. CX says:

    Are those tracks from same Omar out of the UK? Do you know if Julie Dexter is related to Terry Dexter?

  7. *ahem* the owner said what?

  8. ej says:

    Courtney, those tracks are defintiely Omar out of the UK. Check them out. According to what I hear, I believe Julie and Terry are related. I’ve sent the question out to a couple of people.
    J, I’m feigning indignance….

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