friday flashbacks!!

Good things come in threes…..especially Radio Blogs.
There’s one that’s from Prime, who’s doing his New Jack Flash Back Friday, then my wifey Angelica, who’s doing her Friday Flashback (cause you know we have to represent), and then there’s another hip brotha, Trader Mike who’s moving the crowd with his drum and bass. They’re gonna get me through this long weekend!

6 comments on “friday flashbacks!!

  1. Michael says:

    thanks for the ping. I’m off to listen to the other flashbacks

  2. Prime says:

    Its just music Friday e’rywhere! LOL

  3. Aneglica says:

    Talk about “Feel Good Music!” Man, we got it goin’ on, today! It’s all good, ya’ll!

  4. KB says:

    I got some new flavor up too. Something for the ladies. Different vibe…

  5. James says:

    As an originator of the Friday Flashback, I am glad to see this growing and flourishing. Y’all go!!

  6. NE Radio

    [17:30] Just SayKB: I got some jaw droppers for your Flashback Friday [17:30] ejflavors: oh? [17:30] Just SayKB: I won’t say what or who [17:31] Just SayKB: But think of six men that changed the face of R&B in the…

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