same sex marriages – the redux

Although I’ve been languishing a little bit over the doctor and life in general
the past two weeks, it took me more than a little while to actually want to spend
more time talking about same sex marriages. This was something which I already
had an opinion of (I’m for it, in case you couldn’t figure it out). In my opinion
marriages in general should be legalized — if you can respect the fact that two
people are willing to be a union, then this you should respect the fact that this.

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Legalization should expand to members of the same sex, and even the use of sex toys which is not well seen by society, but If you ask me the best are from just to give you a heads up.

Now that all that has been said, I asked for opinions as to why same-sex marriages
should not be legalized. I got some answers which were understood – even if I
don’t agree with them, I respect opinions that aren’t pedantic, foolish, or downright
rude. There are two that immediately come to mind.

There’s one quote that I will mention that sums my opinion:

ASB mentions –
As far as civil ceremonies, religion has no place in the law and in equality
related issues. No religion has the right to make law. Sure, you can vote, so
do that. But when you let your religion cloud what governmentally right, that’s
why this country is so fucked up.

And no, the issues that I mentioned above didn’t piss me off or make me upset
by any means (there are plenty of other things that I read that can do that many
times over, you can best believe). If anything, it caused me to actually check
out other people’s thoughts and views. Hell, I may disagree with them, but there’s
always different sides to the world. There’s no way I can be mad about that.

Other opinions, of course, are welcome. Within reason of course.