reasons i have orange moon

Blogging is fun, but mini-blogging is even better. Thus, OrangeMoon, which is accessible on the right side and pops up on the left. Why the shameless plug?
1. It’s quicker.
2. It’s easier.
3. I can link to more people who do some really classy stuff all the way around.
Some quick examples:
1. American Idol – Finals Preview
2. One of the reasons for OrangeMoon was something like this, from George.
3. inTheBasement and I thought this was interesting…a personal sewage power plant…
4. Pauly? Hilarious – on the ones and twos within 48 hours.
5. …and the McGruder Award goes to [via DC Thornton]
Updated at least 3 times a week, Orange Moon is your friend. Check it out- provide more links. Keep me informed.

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  1. Pauly D says:

    I like it!

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