I succumed to the iTunes madness and downloaded it onto Hermes, because Cecily, Lynne, and Jason did it, and they caught the madness from countless others:
1. Run by Air
2. Stay Free by Ashford & Simpson
3. When My Anger Starts To Cry by Beady Belle
4. Shake It [Posdnuos Rap] by D’Influence
5. Phuncky Times by D-Influence
6. After the Rain by Davina
7. Move by EFUA
8. No quireo Celos Contigo by Eliades Ochoa & Compay Segundo
9. Everything by Fefe Dobson
10. Canned Heat by Jamiroquai
11. Who Needs Shelter by Jason Mraz
12. Tonight’s The Night by Kleeer
13. A Litttle Spice by Loose Ends
14. Ooh, You Make Me Feel by Loose Ends
15. Public Displays Of Affection by Morcheeba
16. Shallow End by Morcheeba
17. Break Up by S.O.S. Band
18. Open The Way by Seek
19. Here’s To You by Skyy
20. Seconds of Pleasure by Vanhunt
* Duplicity of tracks from the same artist was produced by iTunes because they were on different albums.
** I tried to have iTunes sift through the Z: drive; after 2 hours I decided it would be better to just cancel it and pull down a subset. Guess that’s what we get for having more than 8000 cuts…I think I’d rather stick with MusicMatch or MediaJukebox.

7 comments on “randomusique

  1. Enigma says:

    great playlist

  2. iTunes Tells The Truth

    Sarah Vaughan – Mr. Lucky (Viva! Vaughan)sexmachinegun – I See You (demo)Acadêmicos Do Grande Rio – No Mundo Da Lua (Sambas De Enredo 2002…

  3. Jason says:

    heh, Seconds of Pleasure is playing on my itunes right now in my ‘recently added’ smart playlist.

  4. Formica says:

    Shuffle, Redux

    Like Donald says, iTunes tells the truth! This is one of the more addictive weblog memes. Last 20 random plays…

  5. Tai says:

    great list rotation…

  6. random this

    since ej is keeping the meme going along. out of 1888 songs in the iTunes, here�s the first 20 to randomly play� 1. Good Die Young � D12 – D12 World 2. Stillmatic (Intro) � Nas – Stillmatic 3. Burn…

  7. Cobb says:

    From the iTunes

    1. JSB: Art of the Fugue – Contrapunctus 9 2. Duke Ellington: Bakiff 3. Luke: Birthday Song 4. Sergio Mendez: Look of Love 5. James Newton: Fluerette Africaine 6. Eminem: White America 7. Jeffery Osborne: That’s For Sure 8. Funkadelic:…

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