playing catch-up.

I’ve been back and everything, but damn. What took me so long? I found my camera but I can’t find the cable. Fate: 1, EJ: 0. So now you know. I’ll have to be sans photos for the time being.
The currently unnamed Blogosphere (c’mon guys, I really can’t think of the name now either. I’m 0 for 2) was a wonderful meeting. Only 3 short hours, I think I gathered enough to simply say that I’m going to make myself available for the next time, which is to be happening next month in NYC. As for the people, well here they are:
P6 – Earl Dunovant. You gotta realize that he’s got a lot on his plate. And now meeting him, listening to Stay In My Corner while standing next to the BBQ joint, you’re like “oh no, this man takes Bloglines by storm and makes him a man with many thoughts.” I gotta say that he’s gotta lotta stuff in his head and ain’t none of it bad.
Madison For President/DieselNation/Hashim Warren. He’s got a lot going on, I declare. A softspoken man, who raps, is a blogcritic, and has a lot he wants to say, but like us, not enough time to say it. I believe he was uplifting and uplifted.
Steven G. Fullwood. More humor and insight than the law allows. Please, y’all, don’t sleep.
Lynne D. “Where’s Prometheus 6? Oh, he’s right here next to me.” Johnson. We could talk about her all day. Just know that LateNightTales, MadTV spoofs, and doing the Cabbage Patch in the middle of the BBQ Joint makes you appreciate the many facets of her.
Singing happy birthday to Donald Agarrat was a treat. Still trying to find out who that guy Eric is though. The next time I come down to NYC, I’ll have to make sure we take Ronn out with us.
James Knox, who I’ve known for more than 15 years, and haven’t seen in almost 5, pulling me out of the joint because if I don’t get outta there, I will miss my flight.
Some quotes:
“What the Hell is Orkut and why are people still using it?”
A general chuckle during the exclamation of “Negros don’t even know what hiatus means.”

MIA – Magic Negro, JSmooth, TrayC (still on a summer vacation), Kev, Nathan, Christopher’s Cypher, Patrick, Bernie. There’s also three other ones that come immediately to mind that should have been on the list also. You’ve gotta love it. They have to be around the next time.
In my to-do list (don’t even think I’ve forgotten:)
1. Somebody’s birthday.
2. Same Sex Marriages – the OneTwoThree punch.
3. More reviews. Hanging out with Ewedontno, Lynne, Hashim, and James helped me a lot. I even got some Cuban notes courtesy of Phillipe, another blogger I’ve known for many moons. Broke me too.
4. Hermes. I’m a sucker for a big laptop.
5. Prime, comin’ back home.

10 comments on “playing catch-up.

  1. karsh says:

    First of all, happy 200th entry (yes, I peeped the blog ID)! What happened to Theseus? Makin’ my ideas feel all non-important and stuff.
    So do you think this NYC meeting more than sets the stage for the Chicago meet-up?

  2. Jason says:

    ya’ll can’t be clowning my hiatus when i’m not present. 😉

  3. ronn says:

    I know we gonna do this again later this month! Maybe I’ll have my own digicam by then…

  4. Enigma says:

    let me preface this by saying that i have my thick days and yes today is one of those days, blame it on the weather. what the heck is blog family reunion?
    i finally got to clicking on around exponent and wound up here. all this time i’ve been wondering when you were going to update. yeah so it’s been a slow month…year.

  5. Black History Month Coda

    The 29 days of Black History Month ended with a fantastic weekend! I was in the street every night from Thursday to Sunday hanging out…

  6. thad says:

    You know, everyone’s breaking out their digicams, I ought to dust the cobwebs off mine (Either that, or start saving up for a new one). At the very least, I can show off my wicked scar before it fades.
    -signed, someone who hasn’t yet fallen asleep on Orkut. 🙂

  7. KB says:

    Let me know when the next meet-up is. I might surprise ya and actually show up. Besides how else are you going to get Al Green CDs with original album art? 😉

  8. lynne says:

    i will have to bring my camera along next time too.
    i want to see your pics, find that cable soon.
    it was great seeing you ej, and come to find out some of you met up on friday night and not a one of you called me. but it’s all good.
    and let’s not call it blogosphere – i think most of us are leaning toward blog fam or blog family.

  9. Bernie says:

    Ok, so I was MIA. Sue me. You’ll note from my blog, I was doing other things this past weekend too.
    That other Bernard you know says there’s a possibility of another sky diving trip in May. Perhaps bloggers will want to do that?

  10. P6 says:

    BlogFam Meetups. This works for me.
    More people showing up works too. Although we couldn’t ALL fit in BBQ at once anyway.

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