picturesque. march.

7 comments on “picturesque. march.

  1. Yay for the photo cable! Wow, your pictures are so nice! Gee, most of my pictures sucked …

  2. Rocka says:

    Those are some good pictures… makes me wish I was there…

  3. Enigma says:

    very niiiice
    what no captions? who’s who? i recognize one guy though i don’t remember his blog name.

  4. Madison says:

    wow, my face is shiny!

  5. Ryan says:

    ooh i like these…:)
    wow eric nice pics.

  6. Martin says:

    back you stuff up on that HP, yo.

  7. ronn says:

    I still don’t like my pics, but I think you have the best looking ones. Thx Papi!

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