cosmic girl

During the midst of all technical things going awry at work, I got a chance
to take a little break and listen to Jamiroquai’s
Cosmic Girl. Feeling mighty good, I thought I’d sing to my girl Kia
through an IM session. During the singing session, we got a little input from
Prime. His comments are
in green::

[1419] ejflavors: sends me into hyperspace when i see her pretty face
[1420] kiasunray: ultra sexy references to me are most appreciated
[1420] ejflavors: cosmic girl
[1420] ejflavors: i’m listenin to too much good music today
[1421] kiasunray: there’s never such a things as to much good music
[1421] ejflavors:
[1419] ejflavors: sends me into hyperspace when i see
her pretty face
[1420] MES1967: that’s only for the sexy people on their own planet that is
up for foreclosure
[1422] ejflavors: *dead*
[1422] ejflavors: i should post that.
[1422] kiasunray: LMAO
[1422] kiasunray: you should
[1423] kiasunray: he’s so hateful toward our planet
[1423] kiasunray: King Sexy will never allow our planet to go into forclosure
[1423] ejflavors: i think i will. too many instant messages going on about the
sexy people.
[1423] kiasunray: we have permanent forbearance
[1423] ejflavors: *dead*
[1423] kiasunray: 😛
[1425] kiasunray: prime bear has been silenced by the sexy people
[1426] kiasunray: damn
[1426] kiasunray:
MES1967 (2:27:07 PM): and I got Johnny Cochran on my
side " If the Planet don’t fit, they sexy people must GIT!!"
[1427] kiasunray: D E A D
[1427] ejflavors: y’all wait till i get home!
[1427] kiasunray:
KiaSunRay (2:27:28 PM): you’re right…that planet is
getting a bit small to contain our sexiness
KiaSunRay (2:28:02 PM): king sexy must purchase an entire universe for us
MES1967 (2:28:12 PM): * rolls eyes *
[1428] kiasunray: he gettin grown king sexy
[1428] kiasunray: we can’t have that
[1430] ejflavors: we sure cant
[1431] kiasunray: the sexy people don’t like back talk
[1431] ejflavors: they can be sexier with no vocal cords.
[1431] kiasunray: D E A D

7 comments on “cosmic girl

  1. Queen Sexy says:

    The sexy people shall unite. Nothing shall hold us back. Why should the sexy people be confined to a small planet when we can take over the universe?

  2. Da Man says:

    That’s it. Lets confine the “sexy people” to their own space so they can stop clogging up the head room for the common people! * pulls out star chart to find a place far far away for the “sexy people”
    * LMAO *

  3. grayse says:

    *dead* This is sooo Kia too *lol*. Us regular ole folks are just gonna let yall continue thinking yall runnin ish like that. 😉

  4. Kia’s cosmic.

    ej flavors. the flavorful one.: cosmic girl…

  5. ji says:

    ej you must be the *life* (blood) of the party! sooooo glad to see ya’s (virtually!) in good spirits. 1 – ji

  6. nOva says:

    I have more sexy in my left pinky toenail than the 2 of you put together.
    I SAID IT!!

  7. Queen Sexy says:

    um…dude that nail is rotten

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