cosmic girl

During the midst of all technical things going awry at work, I got a chance
to take a little break and listen to Jamiroquai’s
Cosmic Girl. Feeling mighty good, I thought I’d sing to my girl Kia
through an IM session. During the singing session, we got a little input from
Prime. His comments are
in green::

[1419] ejflavors: sends me into hyperspace when i see her pretty face
[1420] kiasunray: ultra sexy references to me are most appreciated
[1420] ejflavors: cosmic girl
[1420] ejflavors: i’m listenin to too much good music today
[1421] kiasunray: there’s never such a things as to much good music
[1421] ejflavors:
[1419] ejflavors: sends me into hyperspace when i see
her pretty face
[1420] MES1967: that’s only for the sexy people on their own planet that is
up for foreclosure
[1422] ejflavors: *dead*
[1422] ejflavors: i should post that.
[1422] kiasunray: LMAO
[1422] kiasunray: you should
[1423] kiasunray: he’s so hateful toward our planet
[1423] kiasunray: King Sexy will never allow our planet to go into forclosure
[1423] ejflavors: i think i will. too many instant messages going on about the
sexy people.
[1423] kiasunray: we have permanent forbearance
[1423] ejflavors: *dead*
[1423] kiasunray: 😛
[1425] kiasunray: prime bear has been silenced by the sexy people
[1426] kiasunray: damn
[1426] kiasunray:
MES1967 (2:27:07 PM): and I got Johnny Cochran on my
side " If the Planet don’t fit, they sexy people must GIT!!"
[1427] kiasunray: D E A D
[1427] ejflavors: y’all wait till i get home!
[1427] kiasunray:
KiaSunRay (2:27:28 PM): you’re right…that planet is
getting a bit small to contain our sexiness
KiaSunRay (2:28:02 PM): king sexy must purchase an entire universe for us
MES1967 (2:28:12 PM): * rolls eyes *
[1428] kiasunray: he gettin grown king sexy
[1428] kiasunray: we can’t have that
[1430] ejflavors: we sure cant
[1431] kiasunray: the sexy people don’t like back talk
[1431] ejflavors: they can be sexier with no vocal cords.
[1431] kiasunray: D E A D

7 thoughts on “cosmic girl

  1. The sexy people shall unite. Nothing shall hold us back. Why should the sexy people be confined to a small planet when we can take over the universe?

  2. That’s it. Lets confine the “sexy people” to their own space so they can stop clogging up the head room for the common people! * pulls out star chart to find a place far far away for the “sexy people”
    * LMAO *

  3. *dead* This is sooo Kia too *lol*. Us regular ole folks are just gonna let yall continue thinking yall runnin ish like that. 😉

  4. ej you must be the *life* (blood) of the party! sooooo glad to see ya’s (virtually!) in good spirits. 1 – ji

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