back to the gym.

Some time ago, I made promises to get back to the gym. I’ve since fallen off
twice for a variety of reasons, mostly work related, but also because going to the gym is so expensive! Membership costs money, as do gym clothes and high-protein snacks and meals. My friend recently used a Nike promo code to get a big discount on some new sportswear, so I’ve been thinking about doing the same. I want to remove every barrier to going to the gym that I can, and sometimes not having a clean gym top can be the thing that makes me decide not to go. I’ve been having not-so-good months and haven’t gone to the gym as I should. Enter my trainer, KG. Apparently, he’s prouder of me than I could ever be, and he worked his magic to get me back in the gym and be obligated to serve as his minion get my swole on. I started this on Typepad, but I didn’t post enough a there to make a difference, so I’m bringing beefcake back here.

Without further ado, the breakdown:

Date 10.20.03 01.03.04 03.06.04
Current Weight 172.00 167.00 166.00
Measurement (in inches)
Chest 40.00 39.75 39.75
Waist 34.25 32.75 32.50
Hips 37.00 35.00 35.00
Shoulders 46.75 45.50 46.00
Right Biceps 14.5 13.50 13.25
Neck 16.5 16.00 16.00
Right Calve 15.0 15.00 14.75
Upper Thigh 22.75 22.50 22.50
Skin Fold (in inches)
Right Pectoral/Upper Chest 8 6 6
Abdomen (Stomach) 16 20.00 15.00
Thigh 15 17 18.00
Percent Fat 11.50 13.30 12.40
Pounds of Fat 19.78 22.21 20.58
Pounds of Muscle 152.22 144.79 145.42
Total Muscle Gained -2.75 -1.8 +0.63

As you can tell, I have more work to do. Seeing these numbers here and having
had such a bad day at the doctor today (more to come about that later) have
forced me to get off my ass and start working out again. My goals? Body fat
of 10% or less and weight of 175 pounds by the end of May. It’s gonna kick my
ass, but I’d rather have my ass kicked for a good cause, know what I mean? (Glenn,
C, ‘Nitra, Steph, y’all listenin’?)

5 comments on “back to the gym.

  1. Bernie says:

    Good luck with the gym. I’m getting back to my regular routine myself. I’ve lost weight overall, and firmed up in most places. But my abs remain a challenge.

  2. Rocka says:

    Good luck with the gym thing… I have been slacking as of late but decided to get back on track last week… I plan on hittin’ it south this summer, and my tight shirts won’t look cute, with fat hanging out of them…

  3. glenn says:

    come on bro. You can do better than 175. 185 at a bare minimum.

  4. Enigma says:

    man, i tried to get back n2 exercising, got down on the floor to start and fell asleep. sad but true.

  5. Anitra says:

    Get your swole on EJ! I’m right there with you! *making muscles*

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