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I’ll have to say that Orkut has seriously taken off. I hate having to say that, because I admittedly shy away from things like this….witness Friendster. Through blogfriends and now through Orkut as well, it’s interesting and refreshing being in the blogosphere and meeting some really good people, because you never know what to expect. For instance, one of the websites I visited this weekend had an entry last month about why they blogged. It made me sit down and revisit the question of why in the heck I blog.
This started out as something that kept me busy when awake. Coming through various ailments (from kidney to brain seizure to layoffs), blogging was a safe space that I could insert myself into. When I go back and re-read my archives, I shudder because they weren’t something that were more than merely ramblings, rants, and raves. I’d have to say that in the space of a month, I’ve managed to meet more than 10 new bloggers, and it keeps me more busy than the law allows.
I blog because it’s good hearing about everyone’s life- and talking about life in general- and not have to worry about being judged. It’s freedom in it’s purest form. It’s definitely new education, re-education, learning, teaching, and rediscovery. For sure, there are people I will disagree with, may not ever see eye to eye with, but agreeing to disagree is affable. To sit and think about how others live their life without prejudice, pre-judgment, humor and retrospection is better than reading a book, in my opinion.
This question has been asked before, and it might be redundant, but just out of sincerity: why do you blog?

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  1. Deb says:

    Well put. I would say that I blog for the same reasons you, Ray, and the individual he quoted in his post do. Sometimes feeling overwhelmed by thoughts in my head, it’s a little therapeutic to “write them down,” so to speak. As a woman, I’ve been told all my life that I should maintain a journal. I have, somewhat sporadically. Each time I do, I feel its benefits. While I don’t get too personal in my blog and sometimes refrain from writing about certain things so publicly, it is a great release. It’s a “record” of my thoughts that I can fall back on, learn and grown from. Reading blogs by others that I follow has similar benefits in that they are sharing their thoughts–and sometimes those thoughts provoke one to examine their own, which likely opens their minds to alternative perspectives.

  2. DebWire says:

    Why Do You Blog?

    He asks. Good question.

  3. lynne says:

    ej, I agree with both you and Deb. A week or so ago, on someone else’s blog I said, “At times, I’ve used it just to deal with my day-to-day, and other times I’ve used it to share my day-to-day, and even other times as some sort of cultural criticism space. I guess overall, I’d have to say it’s similar to any other type of journal, it helps you work through your shit and deal with self, and also to know self and bond with self.”
    It’s not all about me though. I learn from the other blogs I read. It’s not just about voyeurism or living vicariously through others, it’s about gaining fresh perspective and looking in the mirror so to speak. The look in the mirror is in the sense that it’s how we come to see ourselves through others. It’s also about having these discussions, and realizing you’re not alone when you have all these thoughts.
    I believe that for a vast majority, the blog or online journal or diary is akin to giving a voice to the voiceless.

  4. Well, I don’t blog anymore and I’m not sure when I will again… I’ve lost sight of whatever reason I did in the first place…
    As for Orkut, the novelty of it will wear off in about a week, for me.

  5. a says:

    Good Question. I’ll probably post my answer later today.

  6. Rocka says:

    I blog for a different reason than most stated above. I began blogging as a way to improve my writing skills. I was going thru a period where I was uninspired and not really feeling creative.
    Starting a blog where I can write about anything and receive instant feedback helped me to get those creative juices flowing again. And I think by surrounding myself around other creative individuals sparked some things for me. Now I am overflowing with ideas. And I think a lot of that energy comes from blogging.

  7. lynne says:

    oh yeah and since blogging i’ve met some wonderful people, not just online, but i’ve had the pleasure to meet with them in person. so blogging is also about building community for me.
    but it all did start as another outlet for writing.

  8. why orkut is bad

    I’ve come across a few blogs in the last few days that mention Orkut, Google’s new friendster clone. I’ve not checked out yet but I do have a friendster profile. Though I must admit I haven’t even looked at friendster in the last few months. It never s…

  9. Lashundra says:

    i blog because of what you said ej especially hearing about how everyone is doing not that i’m nosey 😉 and actually a lot of them including you ej write well.

  10. Anitra says:

    Sometimes, I don’t know why I blog anymore. I initially loved being able to talk about my personal life and growth. And maybe I’m still doing that, just not directly. Now I think I blog because I just want to communicate what I’m thinking about the things that interest me, maybe in the hopes that it will spark conversation, or spark interest in someone else.

  11. Tai says:

    I don’t blog but I read blogs to access this world of ideas and thoughts. To know that someone else is experiencing and dealing with the tramuas and situations I did with on a daily basis. I post on blogs as a means of accessing those worlds…..
    I love the blogs

  12. Donna says:

    I blog so that I can say all the things I would rarely say out loud. I blog harshly because I wouldn’t be so insensitive as to say some of the things I feel to real, live people with feelings and emotions. Well, I might say things similar to how I blog, I’d just tone it down quite a bit.
    I don’t know that I find that bloggers are non-judgemental folk though…I’ve seen a lot of blog dramas and bitch slaps going on out there. I tend to stay out of it until it involves a friend. I’m sorta rabid about defending the people I care for.
    PS: Deb’s invitation to Orkut is how I found you 🙂

  13. girlwonder says:

    i primarily started blogging just because i spent so much time at the computer that i thought that i might as well just keep my journal there. and then there was this subsuqent group of wonderful people whose lives i was allowed to look at and learn from and i’ve never looked back.

  14. mak says:

    I started blogging trying to get into huny’s pants

  15. James says:

    Why do I blog? I started blogging because I wanted a place of my own to write music reviews and share music information. I had submitted some reviews to be published and they basically got rejected. I had been checking out EJ’s and Prime’s blogs for a few months before deciding to do my own. After coming back from the Monterey Jazz Festival in 2002, I was determined to start writing about music. EJ and Prime helped get me started and I have been on the road ever since. Often when you write, you wonder will anyone be interested in what you have to say. Don’t we all want to be loved? Now after blogging for over a year, my motivation is still the same. I want to write about great music and because I do, I have made new friends and had a lot of opportunities that I would have never imagined. Next stop, album liner notes, JazzTimes Magazine, and a new blog devoted to baking. Sorry EJ, I will not be writing a personal blog telling all about my personal happenings…HA HA HA!!!

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