being valentines-challenged

Okay, I’ll confess. I have about as much romanticism in my soul as a Spam Sandwich would. I mean, yeah, I’m definitely a happy camper, but I think I’m missing my Valentine’s Day genes. It’s probably somewhere underneath the carpet.
I’m trying to remember what I did last Valentine’s Day. I draw a blank. Then I try to remember the other Valentine’s Days. No dice. I think I’m okay with being able to watch a movie and belch at the same time. Valentines Day treats? No, just make me a good steak or something.
I should be more into this Valentines Day thing. I should be thinking roses. The last thing I think I ever sent was a care package. I thought that if I did that, at least I’d be able to munch on something if they didn’t want it.
And then of course, it’s Friday the 13th today. Is this any coincidence? Is Valentine’s Day a continuation of today? As things go, it’s not a bad day, but I wonder…
Anyone else feeling this way? What does one do for Valentines Day? I’m at a loss.

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  1. sean says:

    You must be an Aquarian.

  2. ej says:

    See, that’s the bad part – I’m not an Aquarian. I’m a Cancer. With a Capricorn ascendant. I think I need treatment. Isn’t there some kind of Valentines Day class or something?

  3. karsh says:

    *tsk tsk tsk*
    Looks like I’ll be giving lessons today.

  4. chase says:

    I suggest something much better than eating a steak! Chris & I are going to the Lovers for a Lifetime at MCC Atlanta: It’s a 6 hour seminar for same sex couples that’s supposed to be interactive. We wanted to get a room at the downtown Westin (incredible view), but they’re all booked. Another idea: go to Inserection & buy a board game called Speak Love Make Love. Final idea: buy a book called All About Us at any local bookstore.

  5. Do you really want lessons frtom Karsh? LMAO!

  6. Bernie says:

    Guy got a man and a house and don’t know what to do for Valentine’s day.
    Hmmph! Nigrows.

  7. anfanee says:

    …i guess we are on the same wave today. i have no clue as to what to do today and futhermore, i dont even know if i want to do anything.
    but in the past i’ve : 1. found a recipe and cooked it with my valentine (didn’t eat, tho) and we both exchanged shoes. 2. road trip to new jersey, made valentines day memorabilia (cards, and framed messages).

  8. deshigrrrl says:

    eh.. it’s just another day.. (and i happen to be an aquarius). my girl and i are basically going to eat at our favorite upscale vietnamese restaurant and not really because it’s valentine’s day.. we’ve just been wanting an excuse to go there which involves spending more $$ than usual on dinner, so we’re using v-day as our official excuse. we don’t exchange gifts because we give each other gifts all the time without reason… so.. either way, hope you figure out what to do and if not, it’s so not a big deal… unless you make it one.. 😉
    i actually call it “single awareness day” because it’s the one day each year that single people have it drilled into their heads that they aren’t in a relationship.. kinda ruthless, no?

  9. James says:

    Valentine’s Day 2003
    Ex-boyfriend: Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, right?
    Me: Yeah
    Ex-boyfriend: Wanna go to dinner?
    Me: Yeah
    Valentine’s Day 2004
    I am happy and single. I thankful that I was not harmed in a fire in my building earlier this week. I am glad that my big project for work is coming to life.
    EJ, you are a Cancer. We are all about romance. Must I remind you about when you got a bible for Valentine’s Day a few years back? Don’t stress about the day. Do something that is fun for both of you. It is amazing how us single folks can give good advice yet we ain’t go no dates…LOL!!!

  10. ronn says:

    I’m having dinner with my baby at our fav Eye-Tie-Yin restaurant Saturday. But it’s really a matter of timing more than V-Day. A long weekend to us is two days without much to do. This weekend means we’re both completely free of obligations this Sunday. There may be a get-out-of-the-city excursion or just simply sitting home and watching bootlegs…er, videos all day long. That or some PSQN…

  11. Michelle says:

    I printed and framed a really sweet photo of my beloved and her father from her Med School graduation. Good photo paper is a godsend [wink]. She just adores her father and will go ga, ga over the picture.
    For dinner I decided that instead of spending a lot of money out for a nice dinner I would be able to spend half the money for the same ingredients and make the nice dinner here. So yesterday I got some of the best steaks, veggies and raw materials for Chocolate Pots de Cr�me you’ve ever seen. As long as I don’t screw anythin up it should be a lovely dinner and evening.

  12. PatCH says:

    Lazy, low-key Valentine here, doing nothing and nothing more. Happy VD, EJ!

  13. I’m with you. I just did a psychology today test that called me *borderline* romantic. It’s not that I’m not romantic…hell, I love cuddles and whispers…just in moderation, thankyouverymuch. Don’t like being hung on.
    The Mr. Surprised me with flowers and dinner today, wasn’t expecting it at all. I don’t expect it, ever.
    The only V Day I clearly remember is the first year me and the Mr. were together. I hired a stripper dressed like a gorilla. Romance with humour, probably defeats the romance, huh?
    Me & the Mr. are very affectionate with each other, but all that poetry and sappy-sweet stuff just isn’t for us.
    I’m Valentine’s challenged too. Hmmph.

  14. ASB says:

    Oh and I’m an Aries but I have cancer on the ascendant and a pisces moon AND venus with Mars in leo.
    I should be a romantic fool, wouldn’t ya think?

  15. Bernie says:

    Valentine’s Day came and went without incident.

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