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All In Your Mind is one of those cuts that warms me. Need a little heat this time of year... Every trip that you take shocks your senses awake / But you can’t turn back time, / You’ll get by when you find it’s no lie / That it’s all in your mind….
All In Your Mind, Swing Out Sister, Living Return
Well, no. I actually need a new laptop.
And then I can blog with abandon.
But since that’s not the case, I must deal with aggravation. It’s so hard being sexy delicious me.
I haven’t been blogging in a second ’cause of a little rut in my head, but thanks to Lissa, she’s told me that it’s a cool thing to blog and observe. The cool people do that, you know. I think I wanna be cool in the oh fresh! Although, I don’t wanna be as cool as it is outside right now, no sir, no ma’am.
My name for today? Well, since this weekend is a payday weekend, I can call myself a Sugar Daddy. That’s a little too out there for me though. I think, since it’s just a weekend, I’ll call myself Nutrasweet Negro for a couple of days or so. Other names: Cute Contractor? Delicious Deadbeat? Of course, I could always be called Mr. Whiney Poo.
There are five websites that are in design phase right now and will be going into fruition within the next month, so stay tuned. I’m a technical architect, not a decorator, unless you think that crayons and markers constitute contemporary art.
I had a total of 15 links this week to alert the masses to, but the fact that my computer is down yet again, I’ll give you the two that I can find in the here and now. Blogline links of mention in the here and now:
1. From American Black to Rap News Direct -> Best Rapper Quotes of 2003.
2. I’m going to give props where props is due. The Republic of T is now a nominee of the 2003 Koufax Awards. Since this is my first time hearing about it, it’s exciting to see something like this. There’s quite a few blogspaces out there…if you can’t tell, my bloglines and blogrolling have expanded into something that makes surfing the web a full-time job.
The other interesting ones also come from NegroPlease, Negrophile, and Prometheus 6, but right now, the links are on lock until Prometheus cooperates.
I won’t lie that each time my bank statements from Dreamhost and Typepad remind me that I have webspace that I need to use, I feel bad because I don’t use them like I should. Therefore, following the masses of MisterJT and Monique, it’s only appropriate that I use my blogspaces to their advantage. Look for more postings on eXponent since 1) I buy more music than the law allows each week, and 2) Anthony Hamilton fans still continue to add comments on my postings there, so I think it’s only appropriate to start the new year off with some more reviews. Musiq comes instantly to mind. Keep it on lock. I think the juices are flowing…
…now if I could just stop them from dripping on the carpet…

7 comments on “i need to blog

  1. karsh says:

    10 laptops??!? Ten. Really?
    I mean, I’m sayin’…help a brotha realize his Carrie Bradshaw fantasy of sitting in a Starbucks and typing away.

  2. a says:

    lol@Nutrasweet Negro. I like that!
    Hope all’s well.

  3. Tai says:

    Welcome back. You’ve been missed. Thanks for the information on Terrance’s blog. I need to send him props!

  4. Zenitra Gee says:

    hhhmmm . .. paying for webspace that isn’t being used . . . I see that I am in good company. Thanks!

  5. Rocka says:

    It must be nice to have all that blogspace to use…I can’t wait to see what U think about Musiq…

  6. LRT[joy] says:

    yeah, stop dripping, it’s a mess 2 clean up!

  7. lynne says:

    i can’t wait to see what you think about musiq either. happy new year.

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