from christopher to orangemoon

My week (and my year) has started on a pretty hectic note, but it’s been swell. First, let’s give credit where it’s due. Christopher David came by DIC along with SDotPorter and his amazing crew, and I have to say it’s the best time I think we’ve ever had in quite some time. What a way to start the year! It’s good to meet a writer and a friend who is truly gifted and refreshing, and who can also roll through the punches, particularly since we had womynfriends that told us how they rolled. Between J. Brotherlove, Wood, Prime, and Karsh, a good time was had by all. Seeing him, and being in contact with other New Yorkers, further cements the fact that I’ll be a very happy person to be visiting New York City near the end of February.

I also, via Karsh through S-Train, managed to procure Radio Blog. Check on the right for the music. It was so nice I had to do it twice. Being a Flytetyme fanatic and and old-schooler helps matters. Expect the blog radios to change up a bit.
Decorum is everything. Let’s get a little technocratic, shall we?
It’s the year of giving recognition to others. While sometimes blogging fails me, recognizing good blogs doesn’t. Introducing Orange Moon located on the starboard side.
Also, if you haven’t noticed already, I’ve switched to PHP. It’s ironic that while Christopher David was surrounding the bar with his good graces, I had a drink in one hand and was performing conversions with the other, I made an easy, seamless switch to PHP. Unfortunately, so did the spammers, which decided to invade my site, hitting at least 50 comments and making me MT Blacklist. It’s good stuff though. PHP for me is a big toy. Let’s hope I don’t break anything in the process.
In other technical news, I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention that I’m the proud user of MT Client 1.0. I’m loving it immensely and supporting it.

7 comments on “from christopher to orangemoon

  1. James says:

    You will have to tell me more about converting to PHP.

  2. karsh says:

    Lookin’ good so far!

  3. I wanna know about PHP too!

  4. Donald says:

    *sigh!* “Pillow” has to be one of my favorite Flytetyme tracks ever. I guess it’s how Jimmy and Terry (and Lisa!) prove that they can make even Herb Alpert sound sexy …
    Oh, and do tell about your PHP exploits!

  5. Believe it or not, I’m really not a people person. *watches mouths drop* I am a person however, who believes in putting out the kind of energy he wants in return. Negative energy, creates negative energy, just as postive energy…well you know. That’s why when a group of positive spirits get together nothing but good can come of it. Thank you Ej for showing me such a good time while in the ATL and for opening up your home to me and my boyz.
    Now, if only I could get my site to function as well as yours! Unfortunately I am on a forced break. *sighs*

  6. sdot says:

    DIC is the place to be… Tell Ana I said whaddup. Much Love, Sdot

  7. Black Music: Flyte Tyme

    I know one person in particular that has been waiting for this entry… Just SayKB: So you never tried to hook up with like a PZ* board or forum and see if someone has a CD of it or something?…

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