being lunar.

Pursuit of the Pimpmobile, Isaac Hayes, Acid Jazz Classics
What can I say? Blog Body Shop pimps the cosmos, so she managed to pull down the moon for me and put it on me. I wear it well, don’t you think? Give her love, year round.
There are some technical/blogging things of note:
Like the lunar changes? It’s Blog Body Shop all the way, using PHP as the magic touch. You should see a change each refresh/visit. I’m still a fan of Bloglines, and now I have the Blog Change Bot as well. I’ll be putting the finishing touches onsite, but it’s all gravy. Blog Change Bot has the ability to track people who do not have RSS feeds or XML, so of course, I’m feeling that. I’m also adding some things here and there, but it’s because when she rawks, I have to represent and actually keep the place neat.

16 comments on “being lunar.

  1. anfanee says:

    look at you…all new!

  2. karsh says:

    Ooh…it’s all purdy and stuff!

  3. James says:

    Nice layout!!!
    Hmmmph…15 years of friendship and I just an “other blog.”

  4. Bernie says:

    Woooooo! Oooooooh! Aaaaaaah!

  5. nOva says:

    Change is good.

  6. lynne says:

    This is beautiful.

  7. Ej man I LOVE the site! I am a man of simplicity, but this takes the cake! Keep doin’ your thang—and I can’t wait to finally give you and Prime that hug that’s oh so over-due.
    Mew-cho respect, and all that good shit we sometimes like to call love…

  8. looking good over here!

  9. George says:

    I’m jealous. This is way tight.

  10. Michelle is untouchable! Oh, and you’re not so bad yourself, EJ. Hee Hee. Everything’s happening according to prophecy. I can continue with my succession (already in progress).

  11. Tai says:

    Nice new digs! Loving it

  12. Donald says:

    Ahhh … a breath of cool fresh night air … *inhale!*

  13. kvn daily says:

    it’s looking kinda hot in hurrr!

  14. nappi says:

    …ah. beautiful!

  15. A.J. says:

    Michelle is a pimp.
    Your site is sublime.
    Blog on with your bad self.

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