jason finishes!

He finished the race!!!!
Race Tracking for 25,283 Official Entrants
Gun Time is the clock time based on a 5 AM start.
Finish Time is based on the time the runner crossed the start line.
* indicates data not available
Jason A Toney #9159
of Canoga Park CA USA
AIDS Marathon Los Angeles
10K: 01:30:54
Half Marathon: 03:04:40
30K: 04:29:48
Gun Time: 06:50:18
Finish Time: 06:39:17
Place Overall: 15950
by Gender: 9339 Men
by Division: 1131 (age 28)

9 comments on “jason finishes!

  1. Geezus – took long enough… LOL – JT, JT he’s our man! I’m real proud to have sponsored him. I’ll try giving you guys a call later.

  2. Anitra says:

    J.bro and I are the only ones commenting like every hour on the hour. Checking in for regular updates, clucking like mother hens. *lol*
    But ditto on the proud. How awesome is Jason?

  3. karsh says:

    Way to go Jason!

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  5. PatCH says:

    Congrats to Jason! A hell of a lot better than I could have done!

  6. kvn daily says:

    nice going! congrats Jason. thanks for the stats ej!

  7. Tai says:

    congrats Jason!

  8. Marathon Man

    I wish we could run to the sun and never come back…yeah.

  9. Bernard says:

    CHEERS TO JASON!!!!!!! That’s a great accomplishment…..

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