halfway mark

Saddam Hussein? How wonderful. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.
NegroPlease has passed the halfway mark. Thanks to SprintPCS Connection Manager, I’m sitting here at a gas station and typing all of this info in, all while giving Prometheus juice, using Prometheus6’s program, and uploading an image of NegroPlease. He has passed 11 miles and we got a chance to give him props at that point. We’ll wait for him to pass the 22 mark, and if all is well, we’ll be able to get a picture of him. Stay tuned.

If the above link does not show, try this on for size.

5 comments on “halfway mark

  1. Anitra says:

    The wonders of modern technology. Gooo Jason!

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  3. Jason says:

    How vain am I for thinking my neck and face look fat in that picture?
    Damn, I need to do more Tae Bo.
    Anyway, I’m in an internet cafe right now because despite the lovely massage I just had and the increased movement of my muscles, I can’t do much walking without looking like I need a wheelchair.
    You all have no idea how much mental help it was seeing EJ and Mike (Prime, although when I meet folks in person, I figure it’s time to use the names their mama’s gave them) at the key points of the race. There was no way I would’ve finished in under 7 hours if I hadn’t been running to look good for the camera 😉

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