prometheus returns

After three long, arduous weeks at Laptop Repair, Prometheus is back, better than ever!
After having to go and physically pick it up from UPS (I’m really trying to prevent myself from saying evil things about them), I’m very happy. And exhausted.
Things I plan on tackling in the next week or so:
1) Indianapolis;
2) Updates of exponent. I’m even reading books, can you believe it?
3) Webcam installation.
So if I’m slow, it’s because I’m reading, travelling and workin’. I’m sure I missed something, though. Help a brother out. I need the energy of the blogosphere right about now.

7 thoughts on “prometheus returns

  1. Mmm hmmm. Blame the computer. About time you updated.
    Enjoy Indy. Look forward to seeing stuff on exponent, and seeing you on the webcam.

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