28 hours in indy

Indianapolis. The quickest, most concise vacation I had.

I think I need a personal assistant, cause I can break things, or lose things, on a whim. While packing for the trip to Indianapolis, I discovered that I had to pack not one, but two laptops with me- one for work and one for play. Prometheus  on one end, and Bacchus on the other end, I made my way to the airport. Sauntering to the checkin at the airport, I was told by the wonderful people  that I was indeed late and that it was too late to  check in for my flight, so I had to change up my flight immediately to one slightly later. It was just  as well anyway, since the   next one left 90 minutes later. So again, I saunter  and have my computers in tow. They discover that Bacchus is in my  baggage, and they want to check it out and investigate for explosives. I have no problem with this, and they give me my bag  without a hitch. So then, I get picked up by Rod, and who’s in the front seat with him but Lisa. This is what I’m talking about.  Miss Esoteric Soul herself. We talked for hours on end about everything. it’s quite an uplifting experience, and  here’s so  much love out there, you can’t help but hug her. Sit and talk with  her, and you will know what being esoteric is all about.     Rod, Lisa, and I hung around, ate, drank, and walked. I never get to do that a lot ,you know, and to relax one’s mind is always a great thing. After the sun went down, we sauntered over to Rick’s  Cafe Boat Yard. Upon entering, the effervescence of Michelle, Belinda,and Darryl waited for us. Good drinks, good times, good vibes. Conversations that I wish I had on tape, they were so enlightening. If you loved this layout, then you know what I’m talking about when I say that the
dinner was definitely Onapath to brilliance, baby. No doubt.

After my dinner, the divas disperse and I’m left to go and so some work things…only to discover that Bacchus is missing. Seems that the wonderful people in the airport decided to leave it out of my bag. My trip, which was supposed to be 2 days ended up being a total of 28 hours, since I had to go back to DIC and recover Bacchus. Hey, that’s love all wrapped up into one. I will be meeting the Indianapolis crew again. And this time, I will only have Prometheus with me. I swear.

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  1. Angelica says:

    What The Hell? What is this homeland security thing worth anyway? Bacchus wasn’t threatening anyone! How dare they neglect to include him on the trip to Indy!

  2. Patrick says:

    I am struck by the humor of their naming and their place in this story. Bacchus, the god of wine, went “missing.” I think you might be incorrectly blaming the airport crew when I think Bacchus simple chose not to go on this work trip. He took his own vacation.

  3. ej says:

    I think you’re right, Patrick, but here’s the irony: Bacchus had his liquor and since then he had passed out (read: needed his powercord) so that he could be retrieved from the powers that be.

  4. lisa says:

    i’m still chuckling that i met up with rod at the place where all 3 of us were to meet…and then jumped in the car with this total stranger, and off we went to get you!
    i had a fabulous time, as you know, and i am honored that so much of your limited time in indy was spent in my presence. xoxox…

  5. Sounds great – I’ve got to save some funds and do some visting myself.

  6. karsh says:

    You jetsetter. 😉

  7. cmonks says:

    I’ve never been to Indianapolis. Sometimes I think it might be a nice to place to visit.
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    �Vietnamese soup,� Otto murmured in the dark. �Please let them bring me Vietnamese soup.� No one could hear him, of course, what with all the hustle and bustle of the police search going on above, but still Otto felt compelled to murmur his plea. �Vietnamese soup. Please?�

  8. Bernard says:

    Ahhh EJ… enjoying trips and forever losing things…. oh, by the way… have you been looking for your Rhian Benson CD? She was relaxing on my living room floor between the sofa and liquor cabinet… right where you left it.

  9. Michelle says:

    It was a fantabulous evening. I hope you’ll come back sometime soon so we can do it again.

  10. Tai says:

    Great story so when are you coming to Dallas?

  11. Lashundra says:

    i hear indy is nice hopefully i’ll get to visit it one day. pda’s are great just dont’ break that okay *lol*
    happy thanksgiving, be safe and blessed!

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