weekend iii: the deal

newark visit- october – part ii

The 48 hours of loveliness has come and gone. Where do I start? So many beautiful

On Friday night, I arrived and made sure that Ewedontno was
well rested. We did nothing but watch Family
, The Italian
, and rainy weather.

Saturday began with going with BK to the YMWCA. There I decided that I
was going to make this workout count, and I did. So much so that we were both
exhausted in the middle of the day. This was okay because I
knew that the people would be in and out and all around. The plan? To have
everyone from the NYC area make their way from New York to Newark.

After arriving fashionably late, BK, Marc, Chip and Ewedontno’s guest were
greeted by the irreverent Kevin
R. Scott
, the illustrious Bejata,
and the awesome
Anzi. However, Ms. Lynne
D. Johnson and Ronn Taylor were unable to make it, and we had to carry on.

When I talk about these people, and call them minor deities, I really mean
it. I mean, how else are you gonna meet really good people- people that are
willing to make the trek no matter what? The highlights of the evening include:

Kelis – I had to spread the love of Wanderland across the sphere. I’ll be waiting
for a .daily review.
Pictures – those pictures are wonderful. Since I left my camera on the floor
of DIC, I had to borrow Ewedontno’s. On top of that, I had to make sure that
Kev reviewed and signed off every single photo. Remember, this is one handsome
man. As such, you must always be prepared to take at least 3 photographs, and
also be
prepared to have them review and sign off on them.

However, there were little wrinkles in paradise. It seems that Ronn and Lynne
were unable to make it across the river. Never to fear, that’s when Sunday became
the day.

Donald made sure that we were all coordinated and ready to go across the river
to meet up at Day-O for brunch. Brunch became more like a late lunch, as we
agreed to eat at three. Insert Ronn and Lynne. This is how the day shaped up:

The Blog Body Shop and how
MJ has the supreme skills. No doubt.
Anitra’s wondeful perspective, Novarius
, Anfanee, and Karsh. I call them
my little brothers and sisters, even though most of them are bigger than I.

Negro? Please. The jury has come to a decision that he is one cool brother.
George. Negrophile. A special kinda guy. Just ask, well, anyone.
Lisa. Esotericsoul. She,
along with MJ, is next on my travel journeys.
Renaissance Sistah. People were a little worried, but she’s back.

Some of the people that also came up in conversation include (and
if I miss a name): Raven, Steven
, Christopher, Heru Khuti, Soul
Of A
, J-Notes, and many many others.

Lynne D. Johnson’s vibe. Let’s say it again with feeling. Lynne. D. Johnson.
Now don’t you feel a little bit better?
Oh yes, be sure to ask her about Road Rage.
Ronn Taylor. You know it’s good to see Ronn, despite not having a camera to take
a photograph. I finally got to see Mr. Taylor and understand that brain of his.
Kev. If you haven’t met .daily yet then I
you take the time and do so.
He’s got so much of an artistic glow about him.

As usual, I feel like there’s a lot of things I could be doing, like Popmatters,
iTunes, The
Apple Store
more working out and more things at work that pertain to work, but for 48 hours,
I got to realize that all of the madness has a nice earthy quality to it, and
I’m down with that.

Addendum: I could talk about J and Prime and how they were mentioned…but better yet, why don’t I just let the members of the Fabulous Five say something….lady and gents?

15 comments on “weekend iii: the deal

  1. *scans post again* Hmm… No mention of thebrotherlove?
    I see I need to go on tour because that is unacceptable.

  2. George says:

    Hear, hear!

  3. Anitra says:

    Maybe there’s no mention of thebrotherlove because it should just be assumed that everyone would talk about thebrotherlove and Prime. *chuckle* I know I do. Heh.
    Great post, EJ! I need to do more traveling in the blogsphere. I think Lisa is closest to me. I should visit her first. It’s long overdue. 🙂

  4. karsh says:

    Y’all mentioned li’l ol’ me! My word! *blushing* Sounds like it was fabulous! The planets must’ve been in the perfect alignment. Me want pictures!

  5. James says:

    I am honored to be discussed among such fabulous bloggers and I hope to get to NYC and ATL next year, I promise!! 🙂

  6. ronn says:

    Of course we talked about j. It’s like breathing: ya gots to do it. And baby boy, of course we had to talk about such a wonderful newcomer to the blog universe. Indeed, there are several other names that slip my old brain at the moment.
    And it was all positive.

  7. nOva says:

    I am curious as to was said about your favorite (ME!!! ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME !!!!!! AND ME!!!) I will message you later with the burning question…

  8. Prime says:

    I bet Anna came up in conversation more time’s than I did * sniff sniff *
    I am glad you all took such good care of my boo and sent him back safe and sound – [read – thanks for the lil vacation] LOL!

  9. Sounds like you had a nice time! Where are the photos?

  10. Lashundra says:

    yea e.j. where are the photos, glad you enjoyed the trip/get together.
    have a great weekend!

  11. Bernard says:

    You made sure who was well rested??? I saw you get into your “my eyes won’t be open long” position well before the movie got rolling….
    You’re welcome for the vacation Prime (scanning the web for my next trip to ATL… hmmmm, January… battle of the bands… looks like a winner). Good having you here EJ… although you were gone to the gym by the time I pulled out the vacuum cleaner on Saturday, I could picture you running upstairs once you identified it… hahahah (Prime, thanks for the tip).

  12. Bernard says:

    I’ll have to download and email you the pictures….

  13. I dare you to post a new entry…..

  14. I was about to say… when was this trip, again?

  15. Anitra says:

    Earth to EJ……*whistling*

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