i’m not drinking coffee, i swear.

“Lend me some sugar…I am your neighbor!”
Hey Ya!, Outkast, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
I think it’s time to do something other than work. Yes, that’s it. Let’s do something else. Lord knows I’ve got plenty of time on my hands for the next 30 minutes. Yes sir, yes ma’am.
But where do I start? Seems like there’s so much in my head lately. Maybe I should be a news reporter or something. Better yet, why don’t I just jog around the building? Maybe pick up some Fuddrucker’s or something. Baah! I don’t know.
Here are the things of interest in my head right this minute.

Bloglines. You know, after being a loyal member of Blogrolling, Bloglines started out as something that seemed like a passing fad. You know what though? The more and more I use it, the better off I feel. If you look to the right hand side to the bottom, you can see the list that I have in Bloglines and what gets constantly monitored. Among the other things in Bloglines that prove to be useful, such as XML and OPML, there’s a nice little browser-icon that tells me when my Bloglines list changes up. I have to find some way to make it look like Blogrolling does when there are changes specific to websites that I have lined up. (Psst, you over there- you wouldn’t happen to have any info about how I could get Bloglines notifications to appear like Blogrolling notifiers on my web page, would ya?)
Negrophile. Among the things that’s happening in the world today, one of the things that stands out is the Joss Stone article. Karsh mentioned this artist. He mentioned this to me last night while I was in the middle of making Bloglines look all pretty and smooth. I’m sure exponent will have some kind of review about that next week. [Caveat: Even though George’s kingdom is undeniably something to behold, it’s access is forbidden at work. So are blogspots. Blecch.]
Reading. Bret Easton Ellis. I bought a book of his (Less Than Zero) the same time I bought another copy of Outkast’s CD. The jury is still out – I’d rather do reading on an iPaq or from a webpage; books seem to be hard to come by and even harder to force myself to sit and read—but I’m working on it.
Working out and feeling good. Energetic needs a little modification and even more posts because most of my free time is spent either working out or recovering from one. It’s good though.
Snarkfest Dot Com – I recall Snarkfest from ages ago, but never took a good look at it. Fortunately, Bloglines had it as one of the recommended sites. Considering that my life has my interest on hold with certain topics, Snarkfest is my new best friend. Why, what’s that? What keeps me alert at night? Why, it’s:
Television shows. The previews of Smallville and Alias were both absolutely phenomenal. I can’t see how I could have possibly lived without Alias. I am not sure how I’m going to be able to deal with the new 24, or how I can continue to balance Street Time in the equation as well. I won’t even get into the Thursday night lineup of Friends, Will and Grace, Scrubs, and E.R.
So what do you think? Am I one frantic guy or what?
Ooh, I’d better get back to work and look like I’m doing something.
What’s on your mind?