handbasket for hell? right here.

‘It’s not too late/To catch me when you can’
– ‘Well, Well’, Nelly feat Esthero, Whoa, Nelly!
*Grumble* *whine* *whine* *moan*
Prometheus is down, down, down, down down. It’s been shipped to California. It’s also supposed to be back here next week. Yeah right. Slice. me. now.
I’m using Charybdis, my slow as hell Linux machine. It would have worked fine had I not dropped it yesterday, where the PCMCIA modem then ceased to function.

I’m about a week behind on reading most of the blogsites that require me to think. I’ve got projects at work nearing completion (read: requiring me to be at work at least 10 hours a day).
I inadvertently missed working out yesterday, and rescheduled something for 6 AM this morning per KG’s schedule. Urgh. Who wakes up at 4:30am? Why, Anna of course. What time do the sprinklers come on? Exactly 4:45am, thanks to the nice time change. What does Anna do? Afraid of water, she ducks out of her collar, therefore leaving me with an empty leash and cold water. Waking up Prime sends him scurrying down the street to find Anna. At 5:00am, the water cuts off and I whistle for Anna, who is right near the house, nice and dry, and wanting to play.
I call the KG at 5:30am, waking him up. He groggily says he’ll be at work. When I suggest that maybe he needs more sleep, he agrees and decides to reschedule. What a putz.
I have pics. I have opinions. I wanna travel and meet more people. I’m even swole these days. Now all I need is more time.
Good thing bars don’t open up at 9am. *sigh*.

12 thoughts on “handbasket for hell? right here.

  1. We all seem to be going through it these days. You’ll make it through, and Prometheus will be good as new.
    And to top it all off, you’ll be swole when all is said and done. 🙂

  2. i’m with you anitra, we all are going through it! but we’ll make it. we just gotta make a few small changes and we’ll be fine.

  3. I heard the garage door at some crazy time but I didn’t bother to investigate. I LIKE the sprinklers going off at 4:45; I didn’t even hear them. Normally, they wake me up.

  4. Oh boo…
    Get a drink after work. And I’ll send those books tomorrow or Saturday. Hopefully, they’ll cheer you up somewhat.

  5. Uhhh.. you need to add “running after Anna” to your workout… no you didn’t wake up Prime to find her. All that swole and no speed… now that’s a dayam shame.

  6. sorry about the computer, being swole, and lack of time – i really feel you on this – but i know there’s more travel on your schedule, and that’s gotta make you feel gooooood. *SMOOCHES*

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