googlismic tendencies

Googleism. n0va did it and caused me to goof off at work.
Here’s what was generated. The ones in bold thrill me to pieces.

Googlism for: flavors
flavors is a leader in the creation and manufacture of confection flavors
flavors is a directory of sabbath keeping groups
flavors is selecting the finest natural gourmet foods and organic food from california and providing them through online shopping and mail
flavors is globally one of the top three flavour houses focusing on fruit flavours for the juice industry
flavors is an important addition to danisco ingredients� flavour activities world
flavors is the fifth [wait, the fifth what?!]
flavors is proud to announce the addition of frank fischetti
flavors is always striving
flavors is through microencapsulation [hey, i was a preemie..]
flavors is ok
flavors is a rich and [what a LIE!]
flavors is your first resource for innovative flavors
flavors is that the owners
flavors is the copyright owner of all text contained on this website
flavors is the result of human fighting with the society
flavors is a delicate process
flavors is essential to developing a well
flavors is looking for writers/editors for this year’s cookbook [and cooks too. ej doesn’t cook…]
flavors is still looking for writers
flavors is worth notable recognition within the industry
flavors is a gourmet
flavors is �an asian cookbook with american accents
flavors is “an american cookbook with asian accents
flavors is a classically simple but perfect food that is so versatile you never have to eat it the same way twice
flavors is the number of two scoop choices with n
flavors is app
flavors is hardly possible without the inclusion of this extract
flavors is that greater flavor impact than that needed with cheese must be formulated into a product �to deliver the
flavors is prepared by a pastry chef
flavors is all about
flavors is the blending of spices that each culture uses
flavors is resource� standard available in?
flavors is more than knowing the map of the mouth
flavors is necessary for intelligent routing to occur
flavors is invited to visit our web site @ www
flavors is achieved
flavors is the section of the site which is dedicated to original artwork and non
flavors is driving people to search for exotic foods
flavors is adding an exciting dimension to the micro revolution
flavors is deprecated
flavors is “n choose three
flavors is desirable at all levels of food creation
flavors is a stomping ground for the hiss crowd
flavors is not responsible for the information you supply to sites that you visit through links form our site
flavors is rioja from spain
flavors is truly indy’s “original” theme party professional
flavors is of particular
flavors is weakly typed
flavors is a late binding
flavors is safe to use with latex condoms [heh heh]
flavors is given in table 2
flavors is round and lush with a hint of pepper and light vanilla oak
flavors is also highlighted
flavors is nicely rounded out with toasty oak notes
flavors is
flavors is an industry leader in the development and production of flavors and food additives used by leading manufacturers worldwide
flavors is the most popular white variety in america
flavors is of paramount importance in efforts to assure a consistently satisfying experience for the consumer
flavors is a television show that travels around the south to showcase local ingredients and locations
flavors is to allow for multiple builds that involve > *compile time* changes
flavors is to allow for multiple builds that involve *compile time* changes
flavors is very similar to the alcohol and ester flavors
flavors is apparent
flavors is getting customers to understand formulation challenges
flavors is a heating lotion [heh heh]
flavors is only offset by a
flavors is based on insights
flavors is the world leader in supplying commercial software agent
flavors is highlighted by chocolate
flavors is to sample several brands neat and at
flavors is produced from conventional technology
flavors is exposed
flavors is not uncommon
flavors is “netscape html”
flavors is more than a collection of sam’s best recipes; it’s an introduction to the vibrant culture and rich culinary traditions of hawai’i
flavors is used to reach nourishing treatment and dispelling
flavors is better than the others
flavors is 180�c
flavors is a diamond in
flavors is what kept
flavors is a supplier to food industry
flavors is long with agave and caramel
flavors is genetic
flavors is listerine � now available? a
flavors is guaranteed to be a favorite for people from all walks of life and is the perfect gift [now THAT describes it all…]
flavors is hidden by the harmony between them all […and so does this]

11 comments on “googlismic tendencies

  1. James says:

    Mine only said that has a birthday tomorrow. It is actually Wednesday..he he!!!

  2. Google Me This!

    EJ and nOva are doing it, so why not I? Besides, I need a little something at work to take the edge off the patrons and co-workers….

  3. nOva says:

    Ain’t it wacky? I am happy that I was able to share this with you, you tasty heating lotion.

  4. Prime says:

    This is my favorite: flavors is a stomping ground for the hiss crowd

  5. Lashundra says: is pretty cool i’ll have to post what it found on me :D.
    oh yea what is fifth? (fifth in line, child?)
    have a great day 😀

  6. Elle says:

    flavors is round and lush with a hint of pepper and light vanilla oak
    Sounds great for a “swallow”

  7. Oh wow, this design is like, HOT!

  8. Patrick says:

    Heh. Great distraction. Of course my productivity is already pretty low today; what’s another few hours of websurfing gonna do? 😉

  9. Blu says:

    Hey there EJ…
    Just had to comment on your googlism…
    **flavors is �an asian cookbook with american accents
    flavors is “an american cookbook with asian accents**
    That one was messin wit my head…*lol*
    (I’ll be back)

  10. Googlism 2

    Ok, I have to admit this thing is addictive. Since Blu and a few others decided to do the damn thing with their real names, I decided to do the same thing….

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