a bite of that big apple

Well, I’ve just returned from my trip and I’ve got to say, it was one of the best trips I’ve taken in quite some time. As soon as I can, I’ll blog about the people, places and things. Blogging is a phenomenal thang. With phenomenal people. Sho nuff.
Does anyone wanna get me a new computer for Christmas? My computer wants to act ornery and is giving me fits. I’m on Linux now, and I’m missing things like MusicMatch and Dreamweaver. (Is this a sign I should get a Mac?)

13 thoughts on “a bite of that big apple

  1. Now now.. Lets be clear. Is a new LAPTOP you need. You have a new computer in your office that is bored and lonely 95% of the time. Poor prometheus. And the Linux laptop is a work in progress. Using Crossover, I should be able to get iTunes up and running on it for you. Of course there is one LITTLE issue that I have to research with the being so old and the sound card not wanting to work. But, you can blog and chat, isn’t that half the battle?
    BTW – I added this comment on the Linux laptop using a dial-up to make sure it works for you. *BLING*

  2. Don’t listen to him. Get an iBook or used PowerBook.
    It was great meeting you baby. I’ll blog about the greatness of you within a day or two (or three, or four…).

  3. Wouldn’t know about MAC the make-up (not much for makeup in general), but MAC the computer is great. I never thought I’d say it, but I want a MAC. *stares longingly at my Mac at work*

  4. J… those of us who have seen EJ in action KNOW how he can destroy a laptop in 6 months… he must have been hell on toys as a child.. hahahahah.

  5. Let’s not forget the honorable mention to your West Coast for providing valuable information to lost and wayward travelers!!!! I ain’t mentioning no names!!!

  6. you know i vote for a mac. and it was good seeing you. i loves me some ej, and some kevin, and some ronn, and some donald.

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