dic island

I’m well rested. I think. The home has been cleaned up, the pineapple, coconut,
and smell of bananas still persist. Despite missing people, and photograhs, I
have to say that it’s the best one we’ve had.

And we’re good.

So here’s what went down…
J. revved things up, being the major
designer of Tropico.
Boom? Cooking, coordinating, and double
and triple checking. Prime?
Busy with Pride. Myself?
Why, the guest list, coordination, and tapping
a little
me busy.

Our first order of business was to send out invites. While some of the people
couldn’t make it, I made sure that my two brothers, Das and
be here.
always good to have a family I always say. Since my cousins, sisters, nephews,
and Mama would be here, it would be like icing on the cake!

Once Rayrae and The Elixir God were procured
for the guest list and spirits, we
were all set to go. The added bonus, Aunt Cora, phoned me at
the most opportune moment and declared himself (herself?) available. Setting
out to do a little
cooking helped a whole lot. Mama helping with not one, but two
pineapple cakes,
was sure to bring everything together. The arrival of Ewedontno and BKB make
life that much sweeter.

I begin by getting the guest list together. During the merge of it all, Prometheus decides
to freeze up. Gone is the guest list and any hopes of getting Prometheus up
completely dashed. It doesn’t want to act right (caveat: Prometheus boots
up just fine 12 hours after the party concludes). As a result, relaxed guest
list seems destined to be the key.

The party begins with myself giving up my Hawaiian motif to The Elixir
and BQMG staying at the house not having a stitch
of Hawaiian in
his wardrobe. How’s that for anti-Tropico?

The party runs full-speed during the first hour with Boom’s arrival
from work to the party. On the way home, however, Das declares himself too tired.
Along with JB, two friends bow
out of Tropico. Upset? Yup, that’s me. I pick up one of the other housemates
continue on, undaunted.

Back to dic, more people walk in with a tropical attire. With
meatballs, cakes, pies, fruits, chicken salads, Hawaiian punch, ham, vegetables,
and countless
foodstuffs, Tropico picks up speed. While I’m talking to the other guests, I
notice out the corner of my eye that the arrival of Karsh aound
the midnight hour has occurred. As I continue talking to other guests, I slowly
make my way
to him. Ten minutes later, my phone rings. Karsh, in a panicked
state, says goodbye,
riding towards the highway with Taurean.

What the hell?

Not being able to get to him in time, I’ve totally, totally missed him. I think
asking him back but it’s much too late- he’s already on his way home. Understandable?
Yes. Dissapointed? You betcha.

However, 10 minutes later after those two dissapear, heading up the stairs, two
people appear, coming down the stairs. That’s right, Lynne and
Toya. Rocking the world, as usual. They make the night brighter just when it
dims a little.

This party, through all of it’s trials and tribulations, is one of the best parties
thrown here.
Whatever happened, whoever wasn’t able to make it, whoever couldn’t stay, needs
to make sure that next year they’ll be at party number five.


12 comments on “dic island

  1. nOva` says:

    Yay! I’m glad it was a success. I might contract you all to do one for me…

  2. anfanee says:

    so when can i see some the the photographs of the DIC?

  3. Michelle says:

    I’m going to have to start saving for a trip to Atlanta next year aren’t I?

  4. lisa says:

    sounds like a blast. next year, i will plan better! so yeah, when do we get to see the pics? 🙂

  5. James says:

    j-notes.com and soulofaman have conferred that we will be represented at next year’s event.

  6. e j says:

    i’d love to say that i have hold of photographs…however, i have to check with J. to see what he has and whether we can post ’em. stay tined.

  7. Eric, glad it was a success, I grieve for not going, please forgive me, I owe you, so when can we go out? Peace and guess what? I got mobile, I’ll call you tonight.

  8. lynne says:

    unlike new year’s i took absolutely no pics so i can’t even post ’em… i did enjoy tropico though .. but wood alerted me that j’s leaving of the hpnotiq and grey goose in the kitchen left it open for folks to freely make drinks so he was unable to share in a hipnotini with me… strangely unlike new year’s i nursed that one hipnotini j made me the entire night…i was also happy to see miss anna…she lit the room up

  9. Prime says:

    Um HELLO! The reason DIC still smells of pineapple and coconut is because… yes, you guesssed it.. THEY ARE STILL EVERYWHERE LOL!! It was not an hour ago that a coconut went rolling across the floor, sending poor little Anna running for cover. LOL

  10. Bernard says:

    I’ll have to remember to email you the pics I took (I just downloaded them yesterday)… Lynne and Toya are gorgeous…. the rest are just aight… hahahahah.

  11. wood says:

    I guess all the action happened during first shift this year. James enjoyed himself as always. I agree with Lynne Anna is always a hit at the party, but she did not get to join us for cocktails this year. Lynne next time you bring the hynotic and grey goose, I will show you wear to hide it so it will be there for your next visit.

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