prometheus rises

Prometheus is up….for this week anyway, so I can do backups while I patiently wait for my iPager. After this is all done, it goes into the shop- more than likely on Friday. I will, however, post pictures tonight. I’m also planning on having a nice little MPEG of my jump.
I signed up for Typepad first thing this morning at 6:00am. I don’t know how to use it, but it sounds incredibly fascinating. However, if no-one has told you yet, I have the creativity of a small pebble. I am told that I should be okay. However, I’m still slightly intimidated. I’m also helping with two other websites (the techie side) so things should be interesting this month.
I’m not so thrilled that pork ribs, instead of being my friend, end up being a digestion nightmare. I lost 4 pounds during the weekend and was not able to keep any food down. No more pork for me for a while.

2 comments on “prometheus rises

  1. Bernard says:

    who there cooked them ribs? Perhaps it wasn’t the rib but how they were cooked…. better try some more a different way just to be sure.
    That 4lbs is all water weight… the first 10lbs always is… then it gets serious from there (like when I lost 40lbs).

  2. ronn says:

    Stay away from pork ribs unless Big Mama or Aunt Etta Mae cooks them. Young folk don’t be knowin’ nothin’ ’bout no pork ribs. (Counting the days before my grandmother’s Labor Day barbecue!)
    I didn’t like Typepad as a beta tester. Until they add more features and allow (better) integration of domain names, I’ll stick with what I got. Besides, Donald did such a fabulous job on my site, my non-designing behind will stay with it for a while.

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