year 36

year 36

This year has already been a birthday in progress, and this is the day of
culmination, of rumination, of appreciation… and any other -ation words you
can think of….

Love goes out to all, and this I really mean. Make some room for it. I gots
a lot to give, ya know. Stay tuned, for this is only one day.

17 comments on “year 36

  1. James says:

    Wow and to think that I met you during Year 21. Life has provided you many joys and challenges in this short span of time and yet, your heart always has an outpouring of love and encouragement for the world around you. Keep on believing, keep on dreaming, and keep on loving.
    Here’s to life. Here’s to love. Here’s to you.

  2. Didn’t you have one of these last year?
    [Actually, I wrote a longer, witty comment which has disappeared from your site. What gives?]

  3. Bernard says:

    Caught up to me again, huh…. it’s a blessing to share in your celebrating a new year of life….love and the pursuit of the almighty dollar… hahahahahh. Make your celebration last a year long….

  4. Jason says:

    Happy Birthday Brother EJ.
    “Dream on dreamer life gets in your way
    If the life you live is a spinning top of pain then you can
    Dream on dreamer life gets in your way
    If ya live to learn you�ll be lucky one day”
    -Brand New Heavies

  5. wood says:

    Happy Birthday EJ. You have been a footprint in my life for many years. Going back to the La Ray’s days in Chicago until now. You have come a long way over the years. I wish only the best life has to offer for many years to come.

  6. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday dearest! I didn’t know it was coming up or I would have done something special for the occasion. Next year…

  7. Ryan says:

    happy birthday eric!

  8. karsh says:

    Happy Birthday, EJ! Love ya like a play cousin.

  9. George says:

    I’ll raise a glass over here in your honor. Happy birthday, E.J.!

  10. Antonio G says:

    Is it that time already? It seems like birthdays came when you don’t expect them – Have a wonderful day …

  11. shim says:

    Happy Birthday, Eric! May the music that fills your life sound even sweeter than ever.

  12. Donald says:

    There aren’t too many men in this world with whom I can surrender my heart and freely say the words “I love you.” Thank you for the oasis. Your birthday is truly my blessing. *hug!*

  13. Steph says:

    Happy Birthday!

  14. Anitra says:

    Happy Birthday!

  15. Cher says:

    OK, so I know what I did, right! Two of the most important men in my life had birthdays within days of each other! Yours was on the 16th and Vin Diesel’s was the 18th! I’ve been very busy and I just got you guys confused, but of course you can see how I could make a mistake like that, right? Two fine brothers born within days of each other . . . So, I was a day late and a few dollars short, I did send well-wishes and since you’re celebrating all month long, I was still on time. I hope year 36 brings love, prosperity, peace and positivity. Be blessed always!

  16. blkshygurl says:

    Just wanted to say happy birthday! I’m a july birthday too, though I still got one more week.
    Hope you drank copious amounts of alcohol till you passed out. 🙂

  17. monique says:

    Happy Birthday (a few days late) EJ. You are so special. 🙂

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