the jump off: part one

On my birthday last week, I had a really mellow time. All of the gifts were nice, all the well wishing was awesome. This week, I continued with the birthday extensions. I:
1) Got a new iPaq from Prime to replace the old one;
2) Got a german chocolate cake and spinach quiche from my mother;
3) Got a new tire to replace the other one going flat;
4) Gained two pounds continuing on my workout regimen;
5) Got a birthday present to jump out of a plane.

Last week, Ewedontno invited me through an IM session on a trip to go skydiving. The company he works for had some openings after a couple of cancellations, and he was pretty sure he could get me through. As an added bonus, our friend BT was also going. I thought long and hard about it…for about 2 seconds…and IM’d him back and emphatically said yes. I was heading toward Newark for the weekend anyway (for the 4th time this year), so why don’t I add a little spin on this venture into Jersey? Besides, with Ewedontno and BT at my side, I’d have friends with me, so it would be great!
So who do I tell about my little trip? Well, that was the quandary. The four decisions that I made were to not tell Mama, Prime, Boom, and j.brotherlove until I absolutely had to. In fact, my initial thought was not to tell anyone until it was done. Yep, that was it. Keep quiet until it was all done, and that way if I chickened out, no one would know about it anyway, right?
But I had to tell someone, anyone…so a lot of people got the news before they did. Some responses:
ej: Oh, I’m going to go jumping next weekend.
Dr. S., while giving me my regular checkup, stops checking my heartbeat: “Don’t do it!”
L, while giving me my breakfast and my two helpings of green tea: Alright! You know we can’t wait to see you! You better be back!
LW: “I could do that, but then there’s this thing called insanity. I think I’ll go drinking this weekend instead.”
KG, my personal trainer, wincing at me while he sends me through his grueling routine: “How can you do that? I’m scared of that! I’d never do that! Are you sure?”
Thursday morning rolls around, and I call Mama on the way to work and tell her what’s going on. “ej, you better not do that.” I assure her that this would be done, and that I would call her before I leave. Thursday night, I tell Boom, rather nonchalant, until I tease him that I’ve told him this before…shouldn’t he remember? “Hell no! YOU DID NOT TELL ME THIS!” On Friday, Prime, rather nonchalant also about his notification, asked:
“Who did you tell?”
“What did your mother say?”
“No, I would never do this. No way.”
(as I’m packing for the trip) “You know, I should just lock you in the bedroom. You can jump out of the window instead. It’s probably better for you.”
As I sit in the airport and wait for my flight, I call j.brotherlove, who was in the theatre waiting to hear Larry Heard in concert. I’m surprised about missing his concert, but with the skydiving tomorrow, I’ve got a big surprise for him:
“I really like him too. That’s cool. I guess since I’m not going, I’ll go to New Jersey and jump from a plane.”
“So you’re going to Newark? That’s cool. Tell Ewedontno I said hi.”
(After I repeat again that I’m going skydiving) “Oh, you’re serious about this, aren’t you? Oookay…when do you get back?”
On Saturday, at 8am, full of sausage biscuits and morning adrenaline, we’re on the tour bus to lovely Newtown, NJ to Sky’s The Limit…
(To be continued….)

11 comments on “the jump off: part one

  1. Bernie says:

    C’mon buddy. Get to the good parts. When we jumped out of the planes! hehehe
    You readers should have been there! It was so much fun.

  2. Prime says:

    You left out the part where I ask if all insurance payments are up to date and properly name ME as the beneficiary! LOL!!
    Oddly, I really was not worried as much as I thought I would be. Then again, knowing you were with Ewedontno who hasn’t broken a bone lately did give me pause… LOL

  3. lisa says:

    okay, now i’m having trouble deciding who i want to be when i grow up: lara croft or you….

  4. ronn says:

    Like I told Bernie: YOU IS CRAZY!
    I could never do that. A bit fearful of heights and I believe in the axiom: What can go wrong, will go wrong. No roller coasters either.

  5. lynne says:

    You know I think it’s amazingly awesome and I want to hear the rest.

  6. Bernie says:

    Ronn, you live in Brooklyn. If you haven’t been killed on the ground already, you sho’ ain’t gon’ die jumpin’ out no plane!

  7. karsh says:

    Skydiving? Oh man, that’s gotta be cool. I remember bungee jumping in high school…that’s a rush too. Dangerous, but a rush nonetheless.

  8. Wow, my reaction reads just as nonchalanty in print!
    Of course, given that you generally cannot keep a secret, I felt as if you had told everyone but me and was a bit ticked off.

  9. Bernard says:

    You keeping a secret should be the exciting part… hahahahahah.
    It was a thrilling, exhilirating feeling…. I got my pics and video back already.
    I recall The Prime One standing right there at your house when I mentioned I was going skydiving (after his surprise b’day weekend) and you blurting out you wanted to go…… right before I headed off to the airport.
    Glad you came along… so far, my mother is the only one who hasn’t said it was crazy. Then again…… she lives in Washington Heights… hahahahaha.

  10. james says:

    *holds hand to forehand and faints*
    that just had to be too cool!!!

  11. ronn says:

    Yeah Bernie, I live in Brooklyn. But if I get killed, I probably won’t have to have my remains scrapped up off the ground! LOL

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