much ado about very little

much ado about very little

I lost my cellphone (again) somewhere between work and home today. It used
to annoy me, now I’m just resigned to purchase a new one. I guess we should
also chalk up the iPaq too since I haven’t found that either.

Update: I found the
cellphone. Damnit. On my chair at work, no less. Oh well- still haven’t found

Sometimes slavery can be recognized, but utterly unapologetic. It makes me
incredibly tired just thinking about it. I won’t even get into reparations.

I need more sleep. I think 20 out of 24 hours would suit me just fine.

My nephew’s birthday is today.

Should I feel good about just working 8 hours a day and not having to work myself
to death— leaving on time?! Something seems wrong with this
everyday scenario…


  1. And exactly what reward, if any, is gained from working yourself to death? I ‘m trying to whittle my workday down to 6 hours.

  2. Bernie says:

    At least you found your cellphone. I dropped my PDA this morning and the screen has gone black. It isn’t broken, just won’t display anything. And it’s a model the manufacturer has discontinued. All my important dates and addresses are backed up on my desktop computer at work, but I live by this thing. I am just sick today.

  3. Bernard says:

    E, why not relax a bit more… without falling asleep… hahahahah. Glad you found the cellie…. now get Anna on the search for the PDA.

  4. Michelle says:

    I think you know my feeling on the overworking tip.