My laptop Prometheus and my desktop Hyperion are now suffering from acute illnesses. It seems that Hyperion’s bootup disk has failed, requiring it to be reformatted. We think it’s a virus.
Prometheus, my laptop, my tour-de-force, has a screen that, upon bootup, doesn’t show anything readable. It’s gibberish. Utter gibberish. Prometheus is going back to IBM for servicing. For the time being, it’s using my work laptop, hereby called Bacchus. Bacchus does not have Dreamweaver, Outlook, or MusicMatch, so it’s back to the grind until then.
Well, at least….

It’s someone’s birthday!!! Happy birthday to Mo!

2 comments on “kaboom!

  1. lynne says:

    don’t u just hate it when you can’t get it up?

  2. Antonio G says:

    I needed that laugh lynne!

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