irritation day

I’m angry and I’m pissed, and I can’t help it. I
was supposed to be in Chicago on the 3rd, hanging with old and new friends,
and now because of monetary issues, I wouldn’t feel good about going. Airline
and hotel- cancelled. Plans with friends- scrapped until further notice. Failure
for at the very least chump change for payments to the Bank of Flavors have
failed to yield enough any money to use on the trip. And then, on top
of it, my front right tire gets creamed, demolished, shredded on the way to
Goodyear, so after 4 hours of fun, I had to 1) work with people to get the
spare put on; 2) purchase another tire; and 3) make up for the time I spent
there. Must. Think. Happy. Thoughts.

I am so over it. No, I’m not. I’ve gotta move on. July will turn itself into a miraculous month. I can feel it……

I’m wondering if I should blog about the more interesting, the more worldly
things that ramble through as the days roll by while I’m at work, or in my
car, or laying in the bed. I wonder if I’m really feeling the sociopolitical
landscape here and the earthquakes that rumble precariously throughout the

But then, I must not care that much because obviously I’m not blogging about
that right?

In the Lorraine Hansberry
around 1990/1991, I went to watch a theatre production
with Marlon
, his close friends, and compatriots. I’m surrounded
by them all, and in listening to their opinions about the film we watched,
the room suddenly got silent as he looked over at me and addressed me.

"ej, why aren’t you saying anything?"
"Well, I’m usually quiet. I don’t think anything I would say would be astounding."
"Why don’t you just say it anyway. Don’t you have an opinion?"

As I think about that, I smile. I still need to repeat it to myself from day
to day….some of what I think I say is probably not a big deal to anyone but

But it’s still a big deal.

5 comments on “irritation day

  1. More importantly, how will we know what you’re thinking unless you express it? You were clowning me because I trashed Luther’s CD the other day. I think it had less to do with my opinion and more to do with my delivery. But the point is, Say it loud. Say it with meaning. But at the very least, say it.

  2. James says:

    You know it was about a year ago when I was thinking about coming to web with music reviews and information. I told you then that I did not think anyone would be interested in my perspective. Well, I was wrong and the same goes for your thoughts. Share and the world shares with you.

  3. Bernard says:

    Express yourself…. ya gotta be you and only you bay-bay….. awwww…. sorry you had to cancel… make that POSTPONE the trip… you’ll make it there soon. As for the tire… well… better to know now than to have it happen at a worse time…. that’s right… think happy, POSITIVE , thoughts… and *smile*

  4. sugarbear01 says:

    I know how you feel. It was just one of those days where you wished you could have slept through the whole thing.

  5. moostafa says:

    Well even when we get our hopes built up to do one thing, spirit always have somethuing else in mind. Your blessing is in the right now. Instaed of miussing what could have been, enjoy what God has given you now. Thank you for the cook out, we had a wonderful time. Because of your sacrifice of your trip you were able to present a wonderful time for me and my life mate.
    Thank you for being an angel for the day

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