I declare this week the week the beginning of my workout. You know, the one that should have started a year ago? And I know, I know, yeah, we’ve got a nice gym at
dic. It’s clean and proper, has television and MP3 sounds near it, but when’s
last time someone’s actually worked out in that room?

*Sounds of crickets echo throughout the house*

Technically, the last workout was about 2 weeks ago, where MW and
I worked out and then promptly ate 4 slices of pepperoni and sausage pizza
from Pizza Hut. 5 calories
100 calories in. You do the math. On second thought, never mind.

So I reach way back in my memory banks and decide to go back to Bally’s. Why not? I’ve
had the membership since 1989 and at that time, they turned me into a Chicago
tour-de-force….with a nice ripped body. I couldn’t dance but boy did I look
good. This time I’ll add to the equation and get an instructor. If I have
to pay for someone to make me work out, then by golly, I’m definitely going to the gym! I also considered doing boxing too, I bought this amazing standing punch bag from this site Doing boxing at home really gets the sweat out of my body and it really helps keeping me in shape.

On Saturday I got to meet KG at Bally’s.
He said all the right things: that we were going to see each other three times
a week, that we’re going to work
on muscle mass, and that I wouldn’t spend the rest of my life on a bicycle. There
is one stipulation in this performance: that all of our meetings would be at
8pm. Aw naw! Seeing that I work from 8am to 4pm, there would be a 4 hour time lapse
Gymnasia! would begin. I have to make up for this time each. Sleep? Overtime? The
mind swirled at the possibilities. I was giddy with excitement and I ran
straight home to tell my news…to Anna, our dog, since Prime and j.brotherlive were
not home.

Wouldn’t you know it? This workweek I planned to be working
overtime to take on some more responsibilities and to take over some activities
normally done by another co-worker. While this is great (ejflavor$ is
my designated symbol for this month), my body is supposed to be a symbol of beauty and thus this arduous task must begin now. Unperturbed, I gladly switched things around just
to be in the presence of a god who’s going to make me into someone special… either
that, or he’s going to break me in half.

So fast forward to today. I meet up with KG. He’s a nice guy,
that KG is.
He manages to take “before” pictures of me. The “after” pictures are taken
after the first 8-week adventure. He gives me a book to read about nutrition,
a CD
which has customized weight plans, and a Food Tracking guide to make sure that
I have my 6 meals and that they’re nutritious (not sure about the delicious
part yet, though). He admonishes me for drinking sweet tea today at
lunch- I insist to him that it was only a cup,
I know I’m
supposed to be drinking only green tea- but he looks at me with wary eyes,
and I’m sure I’m gonna catch hell about it in the near future. He understands
the medical issues that I have and
didn’t flinch
after learning about what was going on with me during the previous year,
which gives him an A+. He also tells me, after taking a breathalyzer test,
that I seem to burn 1850 calories a day by just sitting still,
and that in order to gain weight I need to eat 6 meals a day! Wonder if
that means more candy bars, chocolate cake, or tiramisu?

So what’s next? More tests this week, emails between myself and the trainer,
and the beginning of Gymnasia!….

6 comments on “gymnasia!

  1. I was supposed to start this week, too. Hee hee.

  2. Donald says:

    I guess gelato doesn’t really count as protein, does it? *LOL!!!*

  3. lisa says:

    okay, so yeah…it’s VERY corny to say that you’re already someone special…but fuck it, i’m saying it: you are already someone special…damnit! *laughing*
    that being (cornily) said, congrats on (re)starting your fitness adventure. i was supposed to start this week, too, but uhh ruhh, what had happened was….

  4. Antonio G says:

    What’s this I hear that EJ can’t dance? Say it isn’t so …

  5. Delores says:

    Hey Eric,
    Good resolve to get back with it. We all are guilty of procrastinating at some time or the other, so don’t feel bad.

  6. ronn says:

    Glad to know I ain’t the only bruvah who can’t dance. Wish I had your dedication to health. Haven’t worked out in like um…

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