summer solstice

I’ve decided.
Still Love You
, 702, "Star"

I could sit up there and say that I’ve been busy…too busy. Or maybe that
I’m tired. Too damned tired.

The truth is that I’ve been shifting my life around slowly. So slow that the
snails have caught up, passed, done a couple of laps, and they’re still waiting
for me to show up. It’s time to approach life methodically. "Why don’t you
get out of bed and just sit down somewhere and try to stay awake?"
Boom implored last night around 2am. There’s no good reason to come home from
work and just go straight to sleep for four hours. It smacks of ambiguity about
how to approach the next day after staying up until 3am the night before.

So now I’m up. It’s about time. School just ended and there are kids all over
the place, the movie theatre has all but exploded, and I have vacation plans
for the year coming to fruition.

I went to DC, and had a wonderful time (see Prime’s rendition). I’ve been in
my car driving around and listening to music all over the place. I’ve been
groovin’ and movin’ and shakin’, just like all my homies have. It’s gonna
be my summer. I can feel it.

I gotta move it. Gonna hit Chicago. Newark. Atmo’. L.V. Savannah. I’m channelling
all of my anger out and doing something about it.

4 comments on “summer solstice

  1. Antonio G says:

    EJ — I always look forward to reading an entry from you. I say do whatever makes you happy — Smilin’ and enjoyin’ life is always a good thing. While you’re jammin’ — Jam for me also!

  2. Ooh! An update!

  3. Michelle says:

    J you took the words right out of my mouth!

  4. Ryan says:

    you should be happy…working is good. it really is….
    i think you should just enjoy the good blessings youve been given, and expect more to come int he clearly deserve them, eric.
    and i think that X-Men character site is a bunch of bunk–i got Professor X three times..nothing wrong with that…I really was hoping for Jean Grey as Phoenix though..:)

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