I hated, absolutely hated, being in a standstill. Because of a little glitch
in my payment plan (i.e., the dollarsigns didn’t actually gel the way they
were supposed to), the domain came
undone for about 72 hours. Now that the problem is taken care of, I find myself
at work looking for more
things to do. Perhaps it’s because I’m an early riser, I don’t know, but the
morning leaves less to be desired. Perhaps it will pick up a little later.

In any case, thanks to Donald,
I managed to add a little bit more flair to my website. I’m loving it right
now. By the end of the year, however, e-schwa and will
cease to exist
and become
It will also speak to me being more comfortable with living, working, being. It’s
about that time. Es tu?

4 comments on “standstill

  1. Prime says:

    Nice, really nice. I now feel all warm and glowing when I visit e-schwa… and I cannot wait for to launch. One day… who knows when, theprimeone will get a face lift. I’ve just got too many other irons in the fire right now.

  2. So that’s what you’ve been working on – another domain. And a cute one at that. Impressive. Banner background repeats in IE5.5 though. Easily fixed.

  3. Donald says:

    It’s just a little color, a little picture, a little code … and the pleasure was all mine.
    Now Eric and J., y’all hold down Mike long enough for me to get to his MT Admin page! C’mon Angels – we got a job to do! *LOL!*

  4. Jason says:

    I like the chocolatey -sunsetty goodness of the color scheme.
    Verrah nice.
    And nice to see you posting a little more on the regular. I’ve missed it.

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