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Today is his birthday, and the weekend is his. I will be posting regularly, so stay tuned, because…love’s expression is never ever confined to a couple of minutes.
Update on Sunday AM:
I tried to encapsulate as much as I could, however: 1. I’m exhausted (I even cleaned for goodness sake); 2. Someone spiked my green tea, I swear; 3. I couldn’t find the camera. Ugh.

We’re going to Canoe tonight, so this should be a great turn of events. Interestingly enough, the hostess has both my name and Prime’s name in their computer….interesting…
Our agenda for tonight also included a party with our dic interior demigod. Unfortunately, an emergency hit him and his party has been cancelled.
Yes, it’s true. McGriddles are great. Thanks, M.
Friday PM:
We just came from Canoe, and now I am sufficiently buzzed (along with Boom) while sitting in dic and watching Metrosexuality, which was preceded by Green Apple Martinis and exposing j. to the new Ren and Stimpy. Note to self: must watch Metrosexuality again, and again, and again, and again….
– “I know we can’t turn off the lights, but couldn’t we just use a dimmer switch….Mama?
– “What in Babylon hell are you wearing?” “Your wardrobe!” “You look fabulous!”
(I really should be watching the movie….)
We have a Newark visitor B. coming in, so this should liven up the weekend. Everyone is wanting to support Prime in his glory. My mother called this weekend and said that she was going to make a strawberry cake. You may have had a strawberry cake but not her strawberry cake. The ingredients consist of 1 cup of pecans, 2 cups of strawberries, and 3 cups of sugar. One slice of cake per serving. Recommended beverage: milk (one gallon each slice.)
Saturday AM:
Boom, j. and I headed out to BJs, which is a Costco/Walmart/Sams Club kind of store. Spending more than an hour there was expected, but rather good. The purchase actually ended up being less than what was spent last night.
Saturday 7:00pm-8:00pm:
The instructions, sent via email, landed a few surprises. First, Prime’s father called around 3pm to talk to him for a lengthy amount of time, and then asked to speak to me. After I told him that the party started at 8pm, and he actually called earlier than he should have, we laughed about it and devised a plan B with his mother, which worked. Around 7pm, his mother called and kept him distracted while Boom cooked and j. prepared downstairs for bartending.
My mother’s strawberry cake? Postponed. She couldn’t get it together. Both Prime and I assured her that this was okay.
The first group of people arrived at exactly 7:50 pm while I was walking Anna. Escorted down the hill and into the side entrance, they waited for the party to begin 10 minutes later.
Prime’s mother and sister called, with much ado about nothing. Boom’s exclamation to Prime, which was “Why don’t you play a video game?!” worked. As he was playing the game, I was able to gather people around the front door at precisely 8.
Prime: “I need to put on some shoes since your mother’s here.”
Me: “Yes, I think you’d better.”
Saturday 8:00pm to 1:00am:
The Bumrush began at exactly 8pm. CWC sent a fax, albeit 48 hours earlier than it should be expressing an upcoming anniversary, but after she explained her fear of nodding off at the festivities and drooling on the carpet, she was excused.
Anna was placed in her crate and was not, I repeat, not happy. Boom finished the cooking, j. tended the bar, and I coordinated arrivals, entrances, exits, and the family on the main level.
The party went well. Very well. Everyone ate, drank, and was merry. At 11:56pm, Wood was fashionably incredibly tardy. As I stare at him incredulously, he looks back at me and says, “Hey, I showed up, didn’t I?”
PS: Although the three of us did a pretty great job of getting it all together, we weren’t awarded by the visitation of Mathew St. Patrick, who was at Atlanta’s Piedmont Park in support of his character and the vibe of the Pride weekend but seemingly missed all of the subliminal messages that he should have come to the house for the party… gotta work on the Power of Three next time…

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  1. lisa says:

    yay! glad it went well…sounds like you had a blast, despite all the little issues. too bad about mr. st. patrick, tho…he’s quite swoonable. 😉

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