i found nemo

Magic makes the music more
And a mortal minute makes it more
Waking up is naked, you two might find
Your body is a temple

Magic In A Mortal
, Cody Chesnutt, "The Headphone Masterpiece"

Don’t call me on Sunday night. Don’t IM me. I’ll be watching The
and going to a couple of places I promised I’d go. I’ll respond during
commercials. Remember, forwarned is

I’ve uploaded as many pictures as I could. It seems that I’ve taken way too
many pictures this month. 90 down, 30 more to go.

I watched Die Another Day twice. Am I really that enamored with Halle

I absolutely loved, loved loved Finding
. Go see it, if there is a child
trapped in your body somewhere then I guarantee this will be a great film for
you. If you planned on watching Purple
or Halloween again,
really not thinking in the same realm that this movie is in.

Street Time runs
hot and cold to me. I’d rather Ludacris spend
time away from
the screen (ala MTV
) and onto an album. Speaking of MTV Movie Awards, I have yet to see
Daredevil. Does
anyone I know like that movie? Yoda was absolutely great ("Lay off Yoda, no one
does." "Long live your queen. Latifah.") Pink rules.

What happens when you see someone’s ex and they make a pass at you?

Let’s see. Finally added Mr. Scott to my blogroll, as well as sugarbear (don’t
ask me what took so long…have you seen my yearly supply of Geritol? It seems
to be missing…)

You are Morpheus-
You are Morpheus, from “The Matrix.” You
have strong faith in yourself and those around
you. A true leader, you are relentless in your

What Matrix Persona Are You?

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9 comments on “i found nemo

  1. Bernie says:

    “What happens when you see someone’s ex and they make a pass at you?”
    If you’re in a relationship, you pass on it. Reminding them of that fact usually helps.
    If you’re single, everyone is fair game. Ex is just another word for single and available.

  2. George says:

    You weren’t watching “Die Another Day” for Pierce Brosnan (the way my wife did *goodnatured grumble*), were you?

  3. karsh says:

    “What happens when you see someone’s ex and they make a pass at you?”
    raise an eyebrow in smug suspicion. works every time.

  4. sugarbear01 says:

    🙂 Thanks!
    Also Finding Nemo looks good as hell, I need to see something calm and soothing, I just read one of the scariest books I’ve read in a while, and now I can’t sleep. lol, I’m just like a big kid.

  5. e j says:

    George, it didn’t start out that way, really it didn’t *wink*, but Pierce looked very very sensual in that movie, and the interaction he had with Halle was downright amazing. I told Mike I liked the special effects though….

  6. Michelle says:

    Pierce is so freaking sexy in The Thomas Crown Affair. Even this girl can noticed.
    About the Ex question:
    If you’re single and available it depends on how good of a friend the ex dated. If you’re not single then remind them of that fact and move on.

  7. Prime says:

    Special effects my a**!! Is that you only watch it after I fall asleep? Hum? Hum ?

  8. e j says:

    Batting eyes I don’t know what you’re talking about….

  9. lisa says:

    i really need to see nemo…maybe sandra and i will go tonite….
    i took the matrix quiz twice and was tank both times. didn’t he, like, DIE in the first one? that’s neat. “faithful. dedicated. loyal. caring.” and dead!

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