friday – the 13th – of june

So check this out, it’s Friday the 13th, and some interesting goings on keep
occurring. Perhaps it’s the newness of the CDs or the blogs…I don’t know.
Whatever it is, I can’t get enough.

It’s the birthday of Boom. I’m sure there’s a margarita waiting
for him, wherever
we go, whatever we do. Watch out now!

This made me fall out of my chair at work….after living vicariously
through JT about HSW all I can do is tip my glass to her….she is indeed the
ruler of the universe. Talk about a headrush…..

…and then I got the winds of lynne which
blew me to Dwele. Maybe
I’m slow, but subject is
a very nice sublime CD. I can’t stop playing it.
it weren’t for
me purchasing
Zero 7 CDs (coworkers
who encouraged Anotherlatenight and Simple
rule with a vengeance),
he’d still be playin’ in The Boycrasher. Let Your
, says Dwele. Zero
gives you your Destiny and escorts you Out
of Town
. There’s
much more to these than just the tracks slipping out of my mind and through
my fingertips. I see a future with those two acts. ‘Nuff said.

I’m terribly infatuated with Iced
Caramel Macchiato
. Makes me feel so… alive.
Waiting to come down, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe that means I
could have this every day. Y’all aint ready.

I took
the StraightActing quiz, and came back with a score of 34 which gave me this:
Hardly anyone would be able to pick you as a homo boy. All your actions are carefully crafted in a way that they never appear to be considered too fem. Only a fellow level 2 -- buddy might suspect you...just the way you like it.
And remember…don’t hate. Marinate!
Hoppin on I-20, y’all.

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