anniversary personified

It’s been a year since I’ve been on MT. I started out blogging right before
then, but MovableType got
me into doing serious blogs, and for that I’m grateful (even if I had 10 minutes
worth of interrupted service tonight to make me freeze
up in fear and stop my web redesign, only to find out it was due to nonpayment
and was fully restored after payment was made).

As a result of my pride, of wanting to do things differently and express more,
I’ve redesigned the website. I’ve changed the colors, added more links, and
the photography.
are appreciated.
At first
will admit
I wasn’t too keen on it, but it began to look better and better each passing

Today was a much more significant day than my days normally are. I shaved off
my moustache after making a mistake and shaving off half of it before
noticing it. This is the first time in about 15 years that I can
recall going around without a moustache. Of course, I went through a small
fit at 6:30am. Mike’s spirit
of affirmation went something like this: "Geeze, I
said you look okay…want me to write it down three times for you?" I’ll
take a picture and repeat a mantra to myself, so maybe that will get me through
the week.

Better yet, here’s a dwarfpic for you…

Moving on…Anitra just gave me another perspective to think about. Sixty
seconds was all it took.

A coworker got me feening for Zero
, so expect that tomorrow.
Sometimes I feel so far behind, but it’s all good. Music is one of those things
that I love
catch up to. I’ll be able to put After
aside and pick up the Zero 7.

That is all…but isn’t that enough?

4 comments on “anniversary personified

  1. Cohesive. I likey! I likey!

  2. lisa says:

    i’m loving the new design…the colors are lovely. especially the orange. i love orange. everyone needs more orange in their lives.

  3. Byron J. Mc ELroy says:

    Great new design! Love the colors on each line. And the subject matter isn’t too sublime. I could read this all the time! Thank you.
    Love the page. Love the links. Allot to read. Something to look forward to. And you look well! I hope you get a chance to visit my region of the country.
    Well talk soon.

  4. sugarbear01 says:

    I like the design. It’s warm, makes me want to sip on a Malibu on some secluded beach. Anyways, at least you can afford a domain. You laugh at diaryland, but diaryland is the only thing a unemployed college student can afford at this moment. We ain’t all ballin like you! 🙂

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