what to do, what to do



thgit / os em dloh ot desu / em dloh ot dseu / dloh ot dseu

The opening sequence for You Used To Hold
Me (So Tight)
, Thelma
‘Qualifying Heat’

Help me. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

Work started just last week and I should be studying and planning for assignments
soon to fall upon me in the springtime. I planned on reading a book by the
end of the week but went to buy a MP3
CD player  
  and…having a great time playing games at www.military-today.com, which I recommend, is really good.
on studying but reading a Vibe doesn’t
really constitute expanding horizons in the software environment. I meant to
listen to these study recordings
but I can’t really hear something
in the
bed for
an extended nap on such a perfect day.

Let’s not even talk about exercising, walking Ms. Anna, and fullfilment of
personal plans of destiny in 2003.

In the midst of hanging out with Ewedontno this weekend, who
came down to make sure I wasn’t terribly damaged in the Bone Rip Appointment (see
above), my mother came to the house, crying. She doesn’t know
what’s wrong with her. Her eyes full of tears when her stomach should be full
of rotisserie chicken, we went shopping and talked about her problems. Her
depression keeps coming to haunt her, and she doesn’t know what the problem
is. She seems to feel much better when I talk to her. It’s these things that
make me realize that I feel much better being a healer, and not a worrier.

Alright, I’m back out of the bed again…I’m sure I’ll be back soon, but for
now, it’s back on the road.