the ides of march

the ides of march

It’s the beginning of March. This is the month that I’m legally able to drive
in the State of Georgia (mental note: if you have a brain seizure, move to
another state for 12 months if you still want to be able to drive). On yesterday,
Monday, March 3, I went to work for the very first time in a year. I had an
interview, updated my skillset and resume, took pictures for a passport,
finished taking all of my courses, and now I get to take a certification test
again on

So why am I freaked out?

Because I’m used to working more than 40 hours a week. But now a signed statement
says that I shouldn’t work more than 40. Period. Let’s see how long that lasts
(at 2am: "oh, I’m just talking to Antonio on IM" translates to "I said hello
to Antonio and then I worked on data warehousing while watching reruns of Kingpin").
I’m obviously going to need some help here.

And then to come back to work and having to refresh my memory is going to kill
me too. I’m used to knowing things and finding the answers if I don’t. Now
it’s like I had amnesia or something. I could tell you all about 24, but forget
about little things like how to log into my computer.

I want to go and hang out at a bar. However, instead of going out to a club
in Atlanta, I instead go to New York or Chicago. What’s with that?

And on top of that…it’s HIS birthday today.

Guess there is a bright side to every day, huh?

5 comments on “the ides of march

  1. Antonio G says:

    Give yourself some time — Things will fall into place in due time … and remember 40 Hours is the max — Do we need to restrict your time on the Internet while at home?

  2. James says:

    Back to life, back to reality…
    Take your time and please take it easy. I know this will not be easy for I would have the same problem but you can do it.

  3. lisa says:

    i agree with antonio & james…give it some time, and everything (including adjusting to the 40-hour thing) will be cool. i have the utmost faith in you. 🙂

  4. Perseverence works. Habits are hard to break and harder to make.

  5. Wood says:

    You will be back to you old self in time. Knowing you, you will probably find a way to over achieve in half the time. I know you are happy to drive again. After I had my seizure, and the doctor advised that the state of Georiga can restrict my driving privilages, I never went back to the doctor. At that point I had a job that was 100% travel, I could not see how I could maintain my quality of life and not be able to travel. I can imagine your excitement to be back on the road. Just don’t hit anybody.

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