amaretto and creme

amaretto and creme

On the week of J’s birthday, and my release from medical sabbatical, I’ve
been thinking. About some of everything.

I’m wondering what happened to my brain. If I can sit down and enjoy Kevin
but fall asleep to an instructor course in Universal Application Networking,
then maybe I need to hangout and work at a television station instead of being
a computer consultant.

I need to travel. I’m getting out of the house, my passport is on it’s way,
I’m switching specialties at work that are best observed in Geneva and Sydney
than Atlanta and New York, so I’ll be all over the place.

I’m also trying to type and not think about how much my hip feels like someone
stabbed me in it and how Prime has kept me away from getting a prescription
for some painkiller. Why, do you ask? Well, it started just the day before

I get up Thursday morning and prepare for this bone marrow test that I have
to take again because the first one got screwed up. " I’m so sorry, I know
were supposed to get bone marrow, but instead all we got was fat!" I started
to scream and yell, but I figure that the first one didn’t really hurt me so
another one wouldn’t be so bad. Then, as an added bonus, the doctor told me
she would do it herself instead of her nurse. I think that this is going to
I look
to this reenactment of bone marrow retraction.

So I’m sitting in my car ready for the 9am appointment and
I get this phone call on my cell phone from the doctor’s office. "ej, I’m so
so instead
of doing you coming in at 9, can you come in tomorrow at 9 instead? Mind you,
it’s 8:36am. Again, I start to scream, because 1) it’s 8:36am and 2) the doctor
is supposed to be doing this, not the nurse, so what difference does it make
that she’s sick? After this, I get out of my car, go back upstairs, take my
clothes off and I’m so pissed, I can’t do anything but go back to sleep.

So today is Friday, and I’m ready again for the 9am appointment, except at
8:57am, I’m stuck in a traffic jam just 5 minutes shy of the doctors office.
I get there at 9:15am, only to wait until 9:45am for them to prepare everything
and get me ready. Again, shy of screaming, I get to lay down on a table, being
prepared by "the strange man" who looks at me in such a way that I think he’s
going to try to fondle me.

The nurse starts her anasthetic, and then she goes a-diggin’ for more bone.
After 30 minutes of local anesthesia and digging for good marrow, she, in an
exasperated voice, says "We have to call the doctor in, I can’t get anything".
She calls the doctor in, who decides that she can find the bone quickly – and
that I don’t need any painkiller. So for 60 seconds I deal with the onset of
pain. Using her ways of digging, chopping, slicing, and dicing, she finds what
she needs, takes off her gloves, and runs back out the door. I get dressed
I go back

In the middle of the presentation today at work I can only think that I’m very
exhausted, but as soon as I get ready to fall asleep, the pain comes back and
reminds me of the fun time I’ve had earlier. We have a great presentation without
me screaming in the client’s direction demanding Darvacet, and I sit in the
traffic for an hour and a half trying to get home.

Thus my long day. I’m given some Tylenol, and I drift away….

After my long sleep, Prime, Boom and
I take J.
to Mi Spia, and are met
there by Wood.
What do we talk about in the midst of amaretto and creme? The blog and all
the blog-people. I remember how I miss everyone, and how I don’t
read enough blogs. Therefore, my springtime indulgence is to read everyone
more, because as long as I’m in pain, drinking amaretto and creme, watching
Kevin Smith, and travelling the world, I might as well keep up with the gods
and the goddesses of the blog, right?


5 comments on “amaretto and creme

  1. james says:

    Don’t beat up on yourself too badly. It will all come together and you will be back in the groove soon.

  2. Ryan says:

    wow…that’s a lot to deal with eric. but dont worry about it..things will come together. you’ll be back to your old, working 40+ hours, never return an email self soon! 🙂 lol!
    but thanks for listening to me rant and rave the other day…it gave me A LOT of added perspective (i.e. i jus tlet my friend Paul know how I felt about everything…he can either take it or leave it. whatever happens, he knows he has my friendship so that is the most important thing).
    oh Charmed and ALIAS are reruns tonite…Boomtown is NOT! 🙂 24–the next new ep doesnt come on until March 25th, 2003.

  3. lisa says:

    the “blog-people”….suddenly, i feel like an alien invader. *laughing*

  4. lynne says:

    u don’t know how happy i am to have you back.

  5. Somehow I feel like the bad guy. Kinda.
    I don’t want no drugged up nukka up in heya!!!

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