brains, bones, and blood

brains, bones, and blood

Life don’t treat me right…no pocketful of silver, no money for my dinner….Loose Ends, Life

I’m getting back into the swing of things at work… I’m going to classes,
starting to remember things, and doing all kinds of work related stuff. I get
to be an overachiever even before I get back to work. So I figure that I’m
doing so well, I shoudl go ahead and take a test for certification and I should
pass it because, after all, my brain is good, right? I haven’t touched the
stuff in over a year, and there have been some new things I haven’t gotten
to touch, but really- that shouldn’t be my issue, because I can just catch
up and do it all before I even get back.

I go and take the test and…well, yeah, I fail.. Ugh. I chalk it up to
not working for 12 months, a momentary brain seizure, and not using what I’ve
Never mind that the last time I ever
failed the test was 21 years ago. There’s probably some boy out there that
was born the same day I failed my last test and is currently out drinking whiskey
in the alleyway behind the school but I digress. But
I’ve given
blood and bone, so the doctor should be able to tell me something good the
next day and all will be well, right?

I go to the doctor to find out what the blood tests tell her and what
I can expect from the bone marrow extraction (which by the way, can be painful
before and/or after the work is done by The Physician People).

I greet her and she saya, ‘I have some good news and some bad news!!’ Immediately
I think that the bad news is that I’ll die in 60 minutes but that
the good news is that she saw Kelly Perrine and Michael Dorn and they’re on
their way over to comfort me in my hour of need. But no, her good news is that
I have plenty of B12 and I’m rich in iron. The bad news is that in attempting
to retrieve bone marrow, they got a lot of…fat. No muscle, no bone, just…fat.
She’s fairly incensed, but she assures me that she’ll pick a Friday and I’ll
just come back and she’ll get it herself.

Oh, and she is still analyzing the blood she got before. It looks like I might
be more anemic than originally thought.

So I’m in the need for better brains, more blood and giving more bone. Help a brutha out.

3 comments on “brains, bones, and blood

  1. livingnappy says:

    Ooowwwww!!! Sending healing vibes to you ej. Sending smack upside the head get it right this time stupido vibes to the marrow takers.

  2. wood says:

    Glad to see you are getting back to work, and to being that overachiever. Have not heard from you in a while, but we will catch up soon.

  3. lynne says:

    happy to see you back and doing thangs. sorry you have to get that marrow poked at again. just curious, how can you be doing ok in b12 and iron and be overly anemic?

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