anna personified

anna personified

Yes, for all intents and purposes, I’m back. Let’s do some catching up, shall

If you read the blog below, you’ll have the "what I did in the winter" blog.
To bring e’rebody up to date, I’ve taken the tests, and I should have something
to report tomorrow. The only reason I haven’t reported anything until now is
because I’ve been procrastinating patiently waiting for the doctor to
retrieve and disseminate results. I’ve taken 4 classes so far. I’ve
got a doctor’s thumbs-up to return to work March 3rd, and I’ve gained enough
weight so that people don’t get frightened when I’m at work, securing my space
and my career. I have a certification test on Wednesday, a retreat on Friday,
and three classes to take next week.

I have watched television until I’ve turned blue, and yet I can’t stop. Will & Grace, Scrubs, E.R., Charmed, Oz,
and The
have been my mainstays, with Kingpin doing a bumrush on my plans and
consuming all of my free energy.

I’d like to say that I’m still running around in my free time and hanging
out but the truth is that the workaholic in me is coming out in full force
which makes me seem like I’m doing nothing for fun, but that would be a lie,
since- gasp- work is fun for me. I changed my fonts too, and I’m going to change
my colors of this website. I’m nowhere near an artist, so I’ll be slower than
normal, but that’s because I’m trying to catch up to 1 years’ worth of work
without collapsing and/or working more than 40 hours a week (a nice maximum
number of hours as given to me and my employer by my doctor).

Stay tuned for more…it took me no time to write this, so I think life as
it stands is pretty busy but pretty darned fun. In my near future: getting
a passport, working out, and purchasing more music to thrill me as I drive
around in my car. And oh yeah…the women of my life…

Mr. Flavors, I'm ready for my closeup now....Wearing their red, they burned up the New Years Party with all their fierceness...


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  1. i was just about to say that you’re certainly not being very blogtastic these days, but now i don’t have to. 😉 welcome back!

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