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Happy 2003! Well, I’m back… and thanks for all of the well wishes. You just don’t know how much I appreciate those sentiments. There’s so much stuff, but very little time, so I’ll try to be brief…….

In December, I came, saw, and returned from the funeral of Iree Flavors, affectionately known as Big Mama. This became quite a shock, because my Mama had been basically her caretaker and had to make sure everything ran smoothly- not only the funeral- we’re talking bills, insurance payments, viewing of the body, breakfasts, dinners, and apartment arrangements. Soon thereafter (Saturday, January 4th), the funeral of Aunt Shirley was held, bringing the year in quite anticlimactically.
Between the two times, however, there were a few things happening.
1. Music, music, music. Between Wendy & Lisa and my keyboard I have been quite taken and very happy with music these days. Perhaps I’ll have some tracks by my 36th birthday.
2. New website. The Flavors Family wanted a new website…so of course, a website was created for all of us, with pics and calendars to come up soon. Can you guess who the webmaster is? I was going to work with a company like Hooked Marketing as I’ve heard they’re great at web design. However, in the end, I decided to give it a go myself. It was pretty difficult but I think the new website looks great and I’m really pleased. Next time, I’ll definitely be working with a web design company to save some time!
3. Pictures. Do I have pictures? Yes, I have pictures all over the place of the funeral weekend. I’ll get to post those to the new website. However, I do have pics of the New Year! It seems that we were not alone during our celebration of the New Year. Check out the ones that J. has….mine will be posted soon.

3 comments on “izza new year

  1. Michelle says:

    Glad to see you are back.

  2. Antonio G says:

    Happy New Year EJ and I’m glad to see your back — Now only if we could get Donald to make his return.

  3. Byron J. Mc ELroy says:

    Hi there! Have not been to the site in awhile. I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Rest assured she’s home now. And with God’s blessing, we will join her.

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