being blogtastic

being blogtastic

(You know, I should really come up with some kind of music sample up here.)

Well, alright….I guess I should start blogging again in my free time. I’m
the one to blame since I find something to do all the time besides sit somewhere
and relax. You know about the two funerals, what I got for Christmas, and the
fact that we at dic can throw parties that boggle the mind. And yes the Falcons
lost, so I’m not inclined to watch football during the weekend. It’s time for
basketball now. So, with all that in mind, where do I start?

1. I’ve been spending some time near the refrigerator.
My favorites are Conecuh sausages and grilled cheeses.
2. I’m supposed to be taking a spinal tap bone marrow test to see if
I still have any of the MAC
present in my body. If it’s still present, well, gone is the medication
and in it’s place….there are IVs…twice a day for at least a month.
3. I’ll be taking 16 self training courses in the next 16 days to apply for
employee certification.
4. I’ll be taking 2 classes over the next two weeks.
5. I’ll be in meetings every Thursday night to keep up with the HIV fellas in
the community.
6. I have visitors from Newark coming through here in the next two weeks, while
I plan for a Chicago bum rush before the end of January.
7. I’ve been in the middle of a musical overrun. Asking me what I listen to
is like asking me what kind of air I breathe.
8. My television consists of: Will
& Grace
, Scrubs,
E.R., Charmed,
Oz, Boomtown,
24, and The
. I’m hoping to start watching Alias
when everything starts going into rerun. There’s only so much I can watch before
I collapse.
9. I gotta be up to date with blogs. Sorry, too many things came up at once.
At least I stay awake enough to be able to deal with more.

So what’s been up with you?

6 comments on “being blogtastic

  1. j-notes says:

    Slow yo’ ass down!!!! It sounds like you have quite a full plate these days as usual but you would not have it any other way. 🙂

  2. lisa says:

    ummm…weren’t we promised some PICTURES of the fabulous new year’s eve event, hmmmm?? *grin*
    hurray for grilled jesus cheeses! served with embellished ramen noodles, this remains one of my favorite meals (a throwback to my years as a destitute grad student).
    you sound waaaay busy. don’t have me come over there and make you slow down. 😉

  3. Antonio G says:

    I’m with Michelle — Where are the pictures? But as India.Arie would say “Slow down baby — You’re movin’ too fast…”

  4. lynne says:

    hey i forgot to get music from you while i was down there. you owe me man. good to see you blogging again.

  5. Ryan says:

    hey eric! yea slow down..that’s WAY too much to do…
    as for the TV shows: catch ALIAS during the summer-the season is close to being overand youve MISSED the major set ups which occurred earlier in the season…butits THE SHOW! 🙂
    Charmed: its fine…WAAY better now that shannen doherty is gone BUT it missing that lovely “Pru Halliwell is giving me fierceness with alazy eye shenanigans” that she blessed us with back in theday..Rose McGowan is great–but the show is mainly about Alyssa Milano’s breasts (which are quite nice looking in a visual sortof way) the show will be interesting now that Cole is leaving the show next week…Dorian Gregory’sfine caramel ass is the ONLY reason to keep watching (he’s Lt. Morris on the show–the ONLY regular character that’s BLACK on the show…he looks good as hell without a shirt on..:) he alsois a host of “The Other Half”–a talkshow)
    oh you NEED to catch CBS’ Without a Trace–every thursday @ 10pm good stuff…WAY better than ER..:)
    i need to email you soon…almost done with apps-gotta finish NYU and Columbia’s respective social work apps, write the other part of my teach for america application and write/correct and send off the carnegie mellon app..wish me luck! 🙂

  6. Cecily says:

    Ditto on Alias (or as I like to call it, “Spy-Barbie”), and yay! for Scrubs.
    And I agree..slow yo’ butt down. Smell them roses and all that rot. 🙂

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